Save Money on Your Flight Training

How to Save Money on Your Flight Training

Accelerated Flight Training is Truly the Most Cost-and-Time Efficient Way to Earn a Pilot Certificate or Rating

by Mike Camelin

Looking for a cheap way to get your pilot license? Don’t look for cheap. Look for VALUE.

Consider this: We have people who come to SunState Aviation from all over the world to train because they have found that the money they save doing one of our accelerated flight training courses, more than offsets the expense of staying in a hotel for two or three weeks.

As an example; the national average for completing Private Pilot training course is about 70 hours of flight instruction (granted, some finish in less time, but some take longer).

There are many reasons for this, but the main reason this high number of hours to completion but the main reason the number is so high is because the lessons are spaced too far apart to be effective. The student spends much of his time and money re-learning what he learned on his last lesson.

Our average completion time for a Private Pilot course is just a little over 40 hours of flight instruction in 21 days for someone starting from zero-time. At an average of $200 per hour (airplane, fuel and CFI) for flight instruction, this is a savings of $4,600. Cost of hotel stay for 21 nights is $819, add another $400 for food and personal spending, so the net savings for the student is $3,381

AND you would be receiving the best QUALITY flight training from seasoned professionals in newer, technically advanced airplanes. You just can’t beat that!

If the student is training for multiple ratings, the savings is compounded even further!

Your New Year’s resolution? Yes, pursue that dream. Become a pilot or add that instrument rating, or multi engine rating.

And do it the smart way, with a SunState Aviation Accelerated Flight Training course!

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