Testimonials from Past Students

Below are some letters and emails that we have received from students and customers with their reviews of SunState Aviation Flight School.

Dear Steve,

I can’t thank you enough for everything Sunstate Aviation did in preparing me for my commercial pilot oral and flight exam.

The Commercial Pilot Course was not only enjoyable but had me absolutely prepared to pass the check ride. Your facility is top-notch and all the aircraft are modern and in excellent shape, but your instructors and staff and their preparation and willingness to put in the extra effort really made the difference.

Instructor Michael McDonald went above and beyond what was necessary to make sure I was ready for every maneuver and was meeting standards. Michael spent as much time as necessary to make sure I was performing all the maneuvers within the tolerances and when it came time for the flight test, I had no issues. Also thank Isaiah Maldonado for all his help in scheduling and coordinating the week’s training. I didn’t make it easy with calling on such short notice but am so glad I was able to train with you. Please thank the remaining staff at Sunstate Aviation for me as well.

Thank you again and I look forward to flying with you again soon. Anyone wanting to learn or earn an additional rating should pursue their aviation goals with you.

Adam H

I have to say this, I been with SunState aviation for about 6 months and since day one it has been my only choice without a regret, very helpful and professional people as well as the best airplanes that you will ever find in an aviation school. I completed my Private pilot license as well as my instrument rating with the liberty university program that they offer at SunState. and I am now pursuing my commercial license and will finish the rest of the CFIs courses with them as long as things continue to as they are. Mr. Mike Camelin is a very helpful person ready to help you in anyway he can to assist you in your needs, as well as many professional flight instructors that there is in SunState Aviation. Keep it up Guys!

Alfred V

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the Instrument Rating training SunState Aviation provided me.  Chris, Sherrie and Joe did a great job training me – and prepping me for my written, oral and practical Instrument Rating exam.

It is a testament to your standards at SunState that I thought of the “check rides” as my flights with Chris, Sherrie and Joe – rather than my flight with a DPE.  I say this with a smile:  I knew my Instrument Rating was secured once I passed my check-rides with Joe & Sherrie – it was my flights with Sherrie & Joe that I most feared..next to the daily exacting standards Chris imposed on our flights.

SunState Aviation does a great job preparing students.  You have my respect, my friend:  you and the SunState Aviation team do a great job.  I already miss my daily walks by your office, watching you tilt your head back, and asking me a thought provoking question on IFR flights…

I would just say, as an aside, that I’m looking for an app on whatever Garmin software is installed on the aircraft I buy that has Chris Davies’ face popping up telling me to watch my altitude, attitude, air speed, vertical speed more or less constantly….

Well done my friends.

Ray S

Dear Steve, Mike, and the rest of the team,

I would like to thank you all for a great learning and flying experience during my three weeks PPL course at Sunstate Aviation.

From the first day I walked in, I noticed the professional setup of the organization. From scheduling to the immaculately maintained aircraft. Everything gave the impression that this is a first class learning center. All CFIs were extremely helpful and offered their advice all the time.

The training program was structured and clear. What really impressed me is the amount of feedback the students get during the debriefing sessions. Federico was very good at it. Also, the advice I got from Joe was very helpful during my check ride.

There are thousands of flight schools out there, but Sunstate Aviation is in a league of its own. I look forward to my IR training in the future with you.


Faisal A

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent instruction I received at SunState.

As tough and as grueling as the process of getting my PPC was, given that I did it with no breaks, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and thought that the SunState team was absolutely first class.  I particularly appreciated how dedicated and thorough Chris was – a great educator and pilot – perfectly balancing a need to coach/encourage while maintaining extraordinarily high standards for the performance of each maneuver and landing.

The check rides with Sherri and Joe were wonderful opportunities for me to prove, to them, and myself, that I was progressing up the learning curve, and I learned a great deal during those flights, given their different teaching styles and advice they gave me.  Every time I fly, for the rest of my life, I will hear Joe, saying sternly in my ear, “you have GOT to use the heading and altitude bugs!” – great advice/commandment…

It is a credit to Chris, and the entire SunState team, that the easiest flight I had in my entire  SunState PPC experience – by far – was my DPE check ride.  By way of example, during my check ride, on the first steep turn I was asked to perform, I was executing it poorly in my opinion, failing to adequately hold bank angle and altitude, so I pulled out of it roughly 75% of the way through and asked to be able to do it again, which the DPE approved – and the next two turns were fine.  In the debrief afterwards, the DPE asked why I pulled out, as in his opinion the first turn was fine and certainly within the ACS requirements – and my response was “thank you – but it wouldn’t have been remotely good enough for Chris…”.

I’ve signed up with Mike for Instrument rating training – I look forward to seeing you all again late Nov/early December for that adventure.

All the best

Ray S

Hey Mike.

I’m hoping this finds you well. I wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I still enjoy receiving these emails. It seems a lifetime ago that I went up in N23868 for the first time, but it was not even 4 years ago!

I’ve now been with Cathay for 8 months, and regularly perform cruise pilot duties to  Australia and the Middle East. Loving it. The values I found at Sunstate hold true at my airline. Rigorous preparation. A commitment to safety above all. Uncompromising professionalism. And of course let’s not forget to enjoy ourselves while we are at it.

Andreas R

Highly recommended. A very intense two weeks but a very professional organisation, great facilities, excellent G1000 aircraft and top people got me to a successful instrument check ride. Thanks also to my instructors Oleg and Federico who did a great job!  Robin W, London, UK
Robin W

I’ve been familiar with SunState Aviation for over a decade now. From my first ever discovery flight in late 2005 to becoming a Private Pilot just two weeks ago, SunState has always met my needs and expectations and helped me get closer to my dream of being a professional pilot. My very first day in training had me already behind the controls of one of their many Cessna 172s for a few hours. I knew right away that my training experience would be fun and exciting. The team of instructors at SunState is dedicated and passionate about flying and making sure every question is answered and above all, to make sure that your flight training is as fun as possible. I started training on February 8 and just barely two months later, I passed my check ride with just over 40 hours total flight time. My instructor worked around my schedule and the overall flexibility of the instructor team and aircraft scheduling staff exceeded my expectations. The aircraft at SunState are maintained and rigorously inspected around the clock in accordance with their inspection schedules. There was always an aircraft available for me to fly and I never had to worry about the conditions of any of the aircraft I flew from their line. Take some time before deciding which flight school to attend and swing by SunState Aviation and just take five minutes to look around. You’ll be met by a brand new facility, friendly staff that will literally walk you through every step of your training goals and most importantly, a learning environment that captures you right off the bat! Thanks to the team at SunState for making my dream come true. I look forward to continue my training here to develop and polish my skills as a professional pilot.
Gabriel G

Hi Mike,

Wanted to thank you and the staff at Sunstate for allowing me to pursue my dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

I had a really positive experience overall: airplanes were in great shape; instructors, front desk staff, and mechanics were on their ‘A’ game and always willing to help; and the quality of instruction definitely equipped me with the knowledge and skill required to successfully pass 3 checkrides.

I will definitely be recommending Sunstate to any aspiring pilots.

Warm regards,

Emmanuel S

Dear Mike!

Id like to thank all the Sunstate Aviation team for having me in KISM.  The school program was highly organized and I had the opportunity to train with really professional instructors while I was there, and they all did an outstanding job.

Before arriving I used the online Cessna ground school to prepare myself for the written test, and I can give the best recommendations for that.

In just 14 days of intense training I have lost 7 pounds of my “ramp weight” and earned my Instrument Rating instead!

An amazing 2 weeks! I can highly recommend Sunstate Aviation!


Dr Janis Z

Dear Mike (Goss),

This is just a short note to express my sincere thanks for your expert guidance and assistance during my flight training.

You have taken an individual with a significant level of discomfort with flying, and have made an enthusiast of me. Your instructions and support have taken me a long way towards my Private Pilot certificate. This was unthinkable just a month ago.

I want to thank you again for your patience and friendship. I wish you all the best for the future.

Yours truly,

Dodridge M

Dear Mike,

I arrived at SunState Aviation in March of 2014 excited to continue my flight training in Florida.  I was very impressed by the friendly staff and instructors I met throughout my Instrument Rating, Commercial Single and Multi-Engine training program.

Aircraft maintenance was impeccable and the one on one training I had with the different instructors was spot on.

I’d like to especially highlight Lyle, who with a lot of patience and diligence, took me in and made me a far better pilot than what I used to be.  He is very cool and calm when he sits next to you, giving you (as the student) the confidence to fly the aircraft.

I will always remember where I was formed as a pilot, and that was at SunState Aviation.

Christopher A

Dear Mike,

I hereby like to thank Sunstate Aviation and in particular Syd Jones for all support and help. Was great flying together and truly enjoyed the open atmosphere and dedication to make me achieve my aviation goals.

Warm regards and Blue Skies

Juriaan S

Excellent school. Very professional instructors. Excellent admin. Always ready to help. Did my IR, CPL SE, ME and some good hours of flight with them. Can only be recommended. The theory is DIY basis with the King’s school materials. Very good fleet of new aircraft that are very well maintained. Special thanks to Lyle and Mike who’ve been supportive.


Olivier R

Dear Natalia,

I wanted to thank you for the two weeks of training  you dedicated to me. I want you to know you’re an excellent
instructor and I’m very satisfied with everything. I wish you the best and I hope to have you as instructor in my next
visit to SunState Aviation.


Soledad P

Dear Mike,

it has been a pleasure for me receiving the training through Sunstate Aviation. Everything worked out as planned within my personal goal/time frame.

I want to mention the professionalism and encouraging personality of the instructors working with me: especially David my main instructor, but the same Barry and the last day Ken. All of them worked as a team and always informed each other about my progress or where to put focus to overcome challenges as they appeared.

I was impressed by the support from your side in the beginning especially working on TSA issues etc. The information you emailed was profound and guided through the whole process. So it has been quite easy to understand and follow. I experienced no hick ups, delays in dealing with the different institutions. I believe this is/you are a real asset at Sunstate Aviation!

Kind Regards,

Martin F

Dear Mike,

I have to say that all of my expectations were more than exceeded at SunState Aviation!

I loved having a dedicated instructor that was able to work with me every day and it also greatly helped that all of the staff at SunState were kind and welcoming throughout all of my time there.

The quality of training that I received was definitely far beyond what I expected and I also was shocked to see how well maintained and cared for each and every one of the planes were.

Another great resource that I was able to make use of was the fact that I had my own desk to keep my stuff in and study on in between flights.

Overall, I do have to say that my time at SunState was much better than I could have imagined and I am looking forward to coming back next summer!

Thank you,

John W

Good evening all,

A quick word to thank all for your efforts on my multi add-on training, especially to Lyle Schofield for making it happen in a short space of time with the check-ride request to Mr Brown.

Mike, you have a great team. Ken, thank you sir for following up with me from time to time to make sure all was well and I was being taken care of.

When you’ve been thru the terrors of the South Florida flight training factories with hundreds of students as I have, coming to SunState Aviation was truly a breath of fresh air.

Keep up the high-quality! You all come highly recommended from me.

All the best, & God’s Blessings.

Dale D

Dear Mike

First I would like to say thank SunState Aviation for this incredible experience. Since the beginning I noted the team effort and how every person that is part of SunState Aviation cares about you. I liked having my own instructor and personalized training. My effort was really appreciated in every flight. I will definitively finish all my courses with SunState Aviation and will keep coming back for more ratings. I can’t wait to take my friends and family flying with me!

Way to go and thank you!

Julian Z

Hi Mike,

Let me just say that I’ve never flown with a more professional school and the instructors I flew with so far at your school have all been extremely friendly, knowledgeable and useful for my preparation for my private pilots license. I want to thank you and I look forward to flying with you again very soon.

Jonathan S

Dear Mike and Richard

We would just like to take this opportunity to pass on our heartfelt thanks to SunState Aviation in getting Jack [our son] through his PPL. With the weather being difficult after Christmas we had to change our flight plans so that Jack had the opportunity to take his test and it was great to see the staff at SunState accommodate us accordingly.

Claire and I were particularly keen to mention the approach of Jack’s instructor, Zach Massey. Before I continue I think I need to point out our experience in Training; Claire is a quality assurance lead for all trainers in the Fighter Control Branch of the Royal Airforce. I run my own training company and I specialise in teaching individuals to train others in the UK and to an International audience. Together, we have over 50 years combined experience of training, particularly in the Royal Air Force.

In our opinion Zach was an outstanding trainer. He was able to pick up Jacks particular needs, build up his confidence and push him at the right time. Moreover, he did this with a natural ability to build rapport which brought the best out of Jack. We have observed many instructors in Florida since Jack began flying, and without doubt Zach was one of the best.

Furthermore, Zach went the extra mile when required. He gave us updates on Jack’s progress and on numerous occasions, offered Jack additional support when he believed he would benefit. A good example of this is offering Jack the opportunity to sit in lessons to gain extra knowledge. This is testimony of someone with high training values, not for personal gain but an eagerness to ensure his students have the best possible underpinning knowledge.

We wouldn’t hesitate in using Zach in any training capacity, he demonstrates everything a fantastic instructor should be. Moreover, he represents SunState Aviation in a very valuable light, a credit to the organization.

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Zach for his excellent approach and support he has given.

Kindest regards

Ralph M

Hey, Mike!

I had an awesome experience here and will definitely be coming back. I want to give Kudos and thanks to my instructor David as well as the staff at the front desk. They were all very friendly, informative and helpful. I’m looking forward to coming back in a couple of months to get my instrument rating.
Thanks for Everything!

Chris V

Hi Mike

First of all I must say that the communication is excellent. It is quite a process to obtain an FAA license but the help was great. The premises looks amazing, all the material and room to study are there.

You guys have been great accommodating me for the fact that the tsa approval was late. From the moment it was in, things just went forward real quick.

I must recommend Chase, he put in the extra time and effort to get me passed so quickly.

Of course I will refer SunState Aviation! All-in-all I had a great experience flying with you.

I’ll be back next time for sure !


Maarten G

Hi Mike,

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to all at SunState Aviation for yet again looking after me so well on my recent visit, the new facilities are amazing and the aircraft clean, tidy & a pleasure to fly as always.

Could you also please pass my thanks to Lyle for his time and excellent instruction.

Thanks Again


Scott A

Dear Mike,

I would like the thank the entire staff at SunState for creating a professional, and yet comfortable, environment for flight training.

I have to thank you Mike, Rick and Ryan for setting up a great first impression with SunState that carried over throughout the entire Commercial training.

Again, while everyone provided a professional environment, the tone was relaxed which encouraged a pleasurable/ fun experience.

I look forward to starting my CFI training with SunState Aviation!


Anthony G

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your follow-up…I was wondering how I could provide feedback, and here you are with the mechanism! Y’all don’t miss a thing!

My experience in a Finish Up Private Pilot training course at SunState was a uniformly positive experience after frustrations experienced elsewhere. From my initial email contact, to the completion of my successful Check Ride, I felt as though I was receiving personalized attention customized to my needs.

A one-on-one tour of the state of the art modern facility began my first day followed by assignment to my own desk to be used my entire stay – something not seen elsewhere. Then on to training immediately and efficiently in the fleet of pristine C172s. Two or three sessions per day lead to efficient learning. Overall a productive and efficient system allowing me to “finish up” in a few days – better than anticipated.

Now, my highest and most sincere kudos to the CFI that I had the pleasure with whom to work – Randy Longchamps. A true stick and rudder aviator that seems to have the most amazing diagnostic capabilities to focus in on every student’s needs, deficiencies, and, in my case, bad habits….. seems every student working with Randy has the same impression – and Randy is much in demand. Randy loves flying and teaching – a consummate flight instructor! I would highly and unequivocally recommend SunState Aviation and Randy Longchamps, based on my recent experience there.

William B

Hello Mike,

My experience with you guys at SunState Aviation was incredible! I was surprised by the level of professionalism in the school, and frankly, I don’t have anything to complain about!
An honorable mention to Steven my instructor, he is truly an excellent teacher and pilot. But everyone was very friendly and helpful.
Hope to see you again soon!

Best Regards

Mikhael H


I want to send you and the staff a big thank-you from one of the newest minted private pilots. It was an interesting week to say the least. The end result is I came away with a private pilot license and new skills and info I can use.

I want to say first a big hats-off to instructor Steven Lemieux. He is a class act. What a very hard working guy, and someone who strives for meeting the customers goals. He put in some very long hours and sacrificed his free time to make sure I left FL with my license.

Lyle was very accommodating and gave me some great pointers on our flight.

The facility at Winter Haven was nice. It was good to be close by the airport with the house, and good to have food and a great FBO on-site. All the lakes and city definitely made it interesting to navigate for me coming from wide-open spaces, but worked out fine.

I also appreciated the aircraft. They were well maintained, and I didn’t have to worry about quirks in them. I just had to worry about flying.

Overall it was a lot of hard work, nervousness, trials, and learning, but I came away with exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for all your help, and I look forward to working with you on future ratings. If you want any more feedback or info about my experience, let me know. I just thought I would tell you keep up the good work in Winter Haven!

Austin L.

Dear All,

Just a note to say a huge thank you to all involved in me getting my PPL, it was an enlightening experience and I really enjoyed the learning curve you go through on this course. David was an extremely thorough instructor and taught me all the skills needed for my future travels as a Private Pilot. I will endeavor to spread the Sunstate word to anyone who is thinking of taking to the skies. To everyone again, many thanks for a great experience.


Duncan H


Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. First of all, I would like to thank all of the employees at Sunstate for their professionalism and courtesy during my stay. I have to say there is no other flight school at the same level as Sunstate Aviation.

In the 2 months of my training with Sunstate, I was able to earn both my private pilot and instrument certificate. Not only was I able to achieve the certificates, but with the training provided by my instructors, I was able to feel confident as a new pilot. I knew the training I had received was top of the line. I had been prepared for any situation that might arise.

I started my private pilot training with Kevin Adono as my instructor. No matter what the situation was, he was always available to answer questions and give additional instruction on any area of the training. He held me to high standards because he, as all the instructors at Sunstate, wanted me to become the most competent and safe pilot I could be.

Upon completion of my private pilot training, I began instrument training with Brian Gerstel, and once again, was pushed to be the best I could be. I also had instrument instruction from David Mead and Barry Martin. Both of these instructors pushed me to improve every flight to prepare me for my check ride. With Barry, I got to a point of frustration. I was getting anxious and kept missing my mark. Barry continued to encourage me to do my best. Just to relax and fly. Barry didn’t stop until I was ready for my check ride. He also made me wait until I was ready, and for that, I am very grateful.

In regards to the other instructors involved in my training, Ryan Sebek, Evan Pickle, and David, no matter what the need was, a lesson of short and soft field landings, a progress check, or even a fore flight tutorial, they were always available or if not, would find someone who was. The drive all of the instructors had to enable someone to succeed is not easy to find.

David R

Hi Mike,

My training at SunState has been both a very enjoyable and a very beneficial experience.  Phase 1 of my training began with Ryan Sebek, an excellent instructor with a humorous demeanor, that made training fun.  When Ryan received a promotion, I was paired with Joe Suarez.  Joe’s great level of expertise provided the guidance and training necessary for a successful completion of my goal of obtaining CFI.   Thanks Joe, for getting me there!

I’d  highly recommend SunState for accomplishment of one’s aviation goals.  You will be made to feel like family as you receive exceptional instruction. I will be back this fall to achieve instrument instructor certification.

See you all in a few months!

Thanks again,

Sherrie H

Dear Mike,

After a long journey home, I wanted to drop you a line about my recent brief visit to SunState. As you know, I needed to build around 25 hours this time around. Despite SunState being quite literally half way around the world, I felt that it was only place that could deliver within a reasonable time. I have “sampled” other schools in the US and The Philippines and have been left with the impression that I cannot be certain of achieving my goals there. At SunState, the result is not in question.

I came back to a new SunState, with a new building. I say new, but actually the old SunState was thankfully still there, strongly asserting itself with high standards for both instructors and students. David Mead, whom I had never met, took me up for my Instrument Proficiency Check. I was very impressed with his skills and his pertinent feedback.

I was more or less immediately “teamed up” with another student for hour building (and thus money saving). David, who is doing his Instrument Rating, is a very talented and hard working pilot and it was a pleasure flying with him. SunState, while of course being a business, is more interested in results and happy customers than that last dollar in the profit/loss statement.

While I was there, David Blakney achieved his ATP license. David was my instructor for Private Pilot, and I felt very proud of his achievement. He is an exceptional instructor and like all SunState instructors is passionate about the success of his students. I visited Lyle Schofield at Winter Haven. Lyle was my Instrument and Commercial instructor and his quiet demeanor has taught me much. I had many fun conversations with Barry, who was just achieving his CFI while I was doing my Commercial last year. Barry is a guy who works very hard to get results from his students, and I am happy to see him achieving success. When long-time SunState student Kimberly was preparing for her CFI checkride, all of SunState supported her. When she achieved her goal, all of SunState was there to celebrate her.

Ryan was his usual “chief instructor” enigmatic persona. Evan, while on the surface somewhat mercurial, has an astounding intellect that this particular geek can appreciate when no progress checks loom. Heather, Jeff and Kelvin welcomed me as if I had never left (and swiped my credit card).

The underlying theme is that SunState creates a family through the common bond of aviation and high standards. The great achievement is that there is no competition, only encouragement and rejoicing at the success of your fellows.

I am back home now, but I already miss it. I wish I could go flying in a 172 today. Just because I can. You have no idea how sad I am that I cannot go right now.

Kind regards,

Andreas R

Hi Mike

I’ve had a great experience at SunState Aviation and in future I plan on continuing with a commercial rating!

When I came to SunState I had not flown for 28 years. I want to thank David Blakney and Jeff Sullivan for getting me current as a private pilot and most recently Barry Martin for getting me ready for my instrument check ride. Barry’s expertise, professionalism and encouragement gave me the skills and confidence to get it done. Thank you Barry! Also your staff is cordial and helpful and let’s not forget Jack and Syd for keeping your planes in great shape.
See you all soon.

Jeff Y

David, Mike –

I just returned to my home country Germany after having been in Florida for my “Accelerated IFR Flight Training” at Sunstate Aviation for the last 16 days and all I can say is that I am without any question absolutely satisfied.

Coming from another country only for flight training is always different because this is mostly a matter of trust: trusting that everything can be done in the expected quality, the expected budget and last not least within the given time frame. The market is full of stories about flight schools that squeeze the last dollar out of you rather than really support you in achieving your license or rating. Additionally, my timeframe of approximately two weeks was pretty short to go for an IFR rating, so I did quite a lot of research in advance on different flight schools and at the end it was definitely Mike Camelin who convinced me doing my IFR training at Sunstate Aviation. Mike’s answers by email were not only very prompt; they were in particular crystal clear, complete, and comprehensive and focused. This is benchmarking not only for the flight school business, this is truly benchmarking at all as far as customer orientation is concerned. In other words, it couldn’t have been better.

Arriving at Sunstate Aviation I found the positive image created by Mike totally fulfilled. With respect to the technical environment the C172s are not only well maintained and equipped (G1000), which normally should be not worth to be mentioned, but anyway. What was truly amazing to see was that the scheduling for the flights was extremely accurate, let’s say perfect. I was flying every single day during my stay, and there was never an issue with having ‘my’ C172 or the simulator ready to fly. With respect to the many students at Sunstate this can only be managed with a highly sophisticated process, and I experienced this works fabulous at Sunstate Aviation.

Flight training is not only about the technical environment, it depends mostly on the flight instructors. What I did appreciate very much was that I had a dedicated flight instructor being constantly appointed to me, so no permanent change in between different instructors which would for sure slow down the process of being trained. ‘My’ instructor was David Mead, and I cannot use any other word but ‘fantastic’ or ‘more than perfect’!  I don’t like too many superlatives, but the truth must be said. Doing an accelerated IFR training means you are spending many hours per day close to your flight instructor, so the ‘chemistry’ must be really good. For me, this was truly the case: and David was doing a great job, he easily found out my strengths and weaknesses, he supported my strengths and leveled out my weaknesses. Every single flight, every single step in my syllabus was very well prepared by David, I never had the feeling I would spend more hours than reasonable required to achieve a respective IFR skill level. I always received very accurate feedback on my flights from David, be it just the small little pieces or be it the big picture things. Moreover, David is totally open minded, open for discussions, so not only insisting on ‘how things are supposed to be done when flying IFR’, but to iteratively approach the purpose and the meaning behind certain IFR procedures to make me understand much more about it all, giving me a great portion of confidence in my instrument flying abilities. Well, IFR training is not that much of fun frankly speaking, but I have to admit: it was a lot of fun anyway flying with David, doing that training, and I can only highly recommend David as a flight instructor. David, thank you!

As for the other staff: I made my progress checks with Ryan and Evan, and I can only report positively again. Office staff like Heather, Crystal and Kelvin: very friendly, very supportive!

What is left open: whenever thinking of a 10 or 14 days accelerated IFR course I only can recommend being as prepared as possible prior to your first flight, especially when coming from abroad, having your flight ticket for the return flight already fix. Accelerated IFR rating has nothing in common with any regular kind of vacation. It is exhausting, focused and speedy, with many flying hours every single day in several slots without any outside view. In parallel you must be willing to prepare yourself for the exam and the check flight with the examiner. What I found out works good is to have the written exam already passed; this keeps your mind free from that issue at least. But for everyone who is willing to work like that: you can do it, it took me just as little as 14 days to be IFR rated, great thing.

Thanks to all of you guys at Sunstate Aviation!

Ingo M – Frankfort, Germany


As you know I was in a hurry to finish up my private pilot license before my written test expired and had a limited window of time to spend away from work to complete it. After speaking with you for the first time on the phone I knew that your course was the best way to finish up my private pilot training in the tight time frame I had available. I enjoyed working with Dave {Blakney} and liked the fact that he was committed to helping me get my private pilot license in less than ten days. Dave worked with me from the time I arrived in the morning to the time I left in the evening every day until I passed my check ride. I am impressed by the level of professionalism and knowledge that Dave, Jeff, Terry and Ryan showed me while I was at Sunstate. I had planned on being there for 10-14 days to complete it, but instead was able to finish in 8 days. That in itself speaks of the commitment of Dave and your accelerated flight training program to assist me in completing my flight training. This by far was one of the best investments in my time and money that I have spent in working to obtain my private pilot license. I will highly recommend your school to others.

Thanks again for the great experience.

Shane L


Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you the past couple of months to get my private pilot license. When I decide to do something I do my best to do it right. I don’t like to waste my time or anyone else’s time. Also you guys made the training very practical and easy to learn. Thank you for having trust in me and my abilities to do this. I know my father was very proud when I told him yesterday. Hopefully I will be back to further my training. Until then Thank You very much for helping me everyday to make all the long hours and training worth it.

Kyle F

Dear Mike,

I had a great time going through the learning curve at Sunstate Aviation. I felt at home among friends eager to share their knowledge and enjoyed the atmosphere of both humor and concentration.

I will keep very nice memories of my stay and feel that not only have I succeeded and accomplished my goal but I am now a better and safer pilot, not to speak about my kids and wife who were more than impressed by the title “commercial pilot”.

All the way to the last minute I felt I was not ready but the morning of the test I was ready to fight and show the examiner the best I had learnt. A fellow applicant had told me when he passed the week before that he felt that he had been very well prepared and to my amazement the same feeling took hold of me once the test was completed.

It had all seemed somehow a bit easy, was it pure luck? Certainly not thanks to the vast knowledge and patience of Evan and to the silent and witty exercises with Ryan I had been so well prepared that the test seemed like a health promenade.

So thank you all for this friendly atmosphere and the strict and professional teaching. I will spread the good word around me and who knows, I may be back one of these days to push a little more forward the aeronautical knowledge envelope.

And a special thanks to Evan Pickle who helped me keep the right bearing during all the process.

Take care, safe flights.

Edouard N

Hello Mike,

I would like to thank you for everything I learned at your flight school. I enjoyed every minute of it! I also would like to thank Prachi and Lyle for their excellent job. Lyle is a very good instructor and has a lot of experience which he didn’t hesitate to share with me. Prachi is a very nice person as well as an excellent flight instructor. I highly recommend SunState Aviation and your flight instructors.

Thank you

Santiago M

Hey Mike!

Just wanted to get back to you on my experience at Sunstate Aviation. I have to say I had an excellent experience flying with you guys down in Florida! I would suggest your instructor David to anyone who is ready to aggressively pursue their rating. One of my concerns about flight training was availability of aircraft. At Sunstate that was NEVER an issue. David was always ready to fly when I was. After not flying for 8 years and needing over 40 hours of cross country time to obtain my instrument rating, a snag coming from part 141, David created a game plan that allowed me to gain the necessary cross country hours while incorporating my instrument training. This proved to be most cost effective and necessary to my success. So yeah, you guys are doing a great job down there and I have already suggest your team to a few of my friends. Thanks again.

Brandon B

Hello Mike,

I apologize for not writing sooner but my internet connection has been in and out the past few days. I enjoyed flying at Sunstate a lot and felt well prepared for my checkride. It was a very tough week as the hours were long but I did enjoy my training and can say that I learned a lot. My instructor Evan did a fantastic job in prepping me for the checkride. His attentions and ability to help out in any aspect was really great. I enjoyed only having one instructor to work with. I felt that was really good because it allowed us to work as a team.

Everyone at the flight school was really friendly, Evan and Ryan were always concerned with the progress of my training and that was good. The office staff was really friendly and very helpful and all of the instructors were approachable, Jeff and David more notably for me.  I also thought it was a great idea to have bicycles available for student use. I walked the first two days from the motel to the airport and it felt like an eternity with all my books. However with the bike it was piece of cake. Allowing us to observe flights and simulator sessions was also very valuable to examine common student mistakes.

I felt the airplanes were well kept and had no issues while I was there. I finished a day earlier than I anticipated so that was great. I used my own checklists while I flew so I can’t really comment on any of those procedures. I was glad that evan was willing to adapt to what I was used to after he looked through my checklists and approved them.

I would gladly refer anyone I know to you. I had a fantastic experience and am glad I chose Sunstate.

-Kevin A

Dear Mike,

I had always wanted to learn how to fly, but from where I come from (Singapore), it seemed like a pretty tall order, and so I started to look for flight schools over in the USA. A friend of mine recently completed his PPL training in the USA, and recommended Sunstate Aviation to me. After reading reviews, and talking to you, I made the decision to join the school, and since then I have never looked back.

While there were a few hiccups over my progress as a student pilot, overall, I certainly enjoyed my time learning how to fly with Sunstate Aviation. The quality of instruction is top-notch and the best part is that the instructors REALLY care about your progress. The time I spent in Sunstate Aviation drew me to the conclusion that the instructors play triple roles– instructor, mentor, friend.

I would like to commend 2 most notable people who have helped me tremendously in my PPL training, Ryan Sebek, and Evan Pickle. Ryan ( the Chief Flight Instructor) and Evan ( my primary flight instructor) have been instrumental in seeing that I succeed. They were patient, flexible and accommodating to my needs to ensure that I am successful.

All in all, I will definitely be returning to Sunstate Aviation for my future flight training i.e. instrument and multi engine. To those who are still considering which flight school to join, look no further. If you are looking for quality instruction, and a place where students and instructors are like family, then Sunstate Aviation is the answer for you.

Bryan C


Just a quick email before I head back to the UK to say thanks for making the experience of renting and flying in the US painless and fun; my thanks especially for answering all my questions prior to the visit.

Also a thank you to Prachi Shah and Joe Suarez who provided top class instruction and check out. The aircraft were clean, great availability and when there were little issues they were sorted immediately with no loss of flying. Your new building will be the icing on the cake and I’ll definitely be back!

Joe M

Hello Mike,

I really enjoyed my Commercial Pilot training with Oren and I would like recognize him for his efficiency and pedagogy. He did a very good job helping me to be ready for my check ride in the shortest possible time, and with success!

The Sunstate Aviation staff is really obliging and aircraft’s availability is very good too. Even if your prices are a little bit higher than average, the high quality of training (and aircraft) that you provide is worth it.

I am looking forward coming back to Sunstate for further IFR and/or Multi Engine training next year or as soon as I will have free time with my engineering degree studies.

Thanks again Sunstate Aviation!

Best regards,

Charles B

Mr Camelin,

Just a quick note to thank you and everyone at SunState Aviation. You guys provide a wonderful learning environment. I have been up flying with Michael, David and Gavin. All are great instructors, providing great explanations to every question I ask. I cant believe how much they have taught me in just a weeks time.

Thanks Again to everyone at SunState Aviation.

Ryan W

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy I’ve been with my experience with SunState.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I’d like to specifically recognize Gavin, who was more that patient and supportive as I worked through a number of unreasonable fears. He helped me gain confidence in both my flying and communications skills.

I hope to return in the fall and work on my instrument rating. I hope to see you all again then.

Thank you,

James S

Steve, Mike,

I want hereby to express my gratitude and respect toward you, your school and especially Dave Blakney, your instructor who taught me to fly and coached me to pass all the PPL exams. It was an intense and extremely satisfying journey. To be honest, I feel proud to have been able to learn to learn again after almost 40 years since I finished my studies. The motivating environment of Sunstate Aviation made the learning enjoyable and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and to get to know you all. I will not hesitate to recommend your school to anybody that considers becoming a pilot.

Best regards,

Peter K

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to say that I found that Sunstate Aviation provides a highly professional environment and were with me 100% of the way from my first enquiry for hour building, helping me with the license conversion, travel, accommodation right on through to my last hours flying. The staff are all friendly and clearly trained to a very High standard but more important than that, they have a genuine interest and are always more than willing to assist in any way possible. The aircraft are all maintained to the highest standards and this is evident from the moment you walk out on to the ramp to final shutdown. Your pricing is competitive and transparent and coupled with the fantastic service, offers unbeatable value. I would like to thank everyone at Sunstate Aviation for a fantastic experience making the transition to flying in new airspace and new airports a completely stress free one. I would highly recommend Sunstate Aviation to any pilots considering hour building or training in Florida.

Best Regards,
Tony J

Hi Mike,

Why not to write you while I’m here?

This experience has been awesome!

The airplanes are perfect for training, and most important, the instructors! In my case Terry and David have been very comprehensive and confidence inspiring. Every person I’ve meet, is a nice and friendly person.

I’m working to learn very, very well because that’s one of my goals, to be one of the best in everything I do.

The way your school works is perfect, keep it that way!

Julian Z.


I just wanted to thank you and the whole SunState aviation team. I really enjoyed the very professional and committed dedication of everyone to ensure that my experience was successful. I was particularly impressed by the safety attitude of all the instructors and honestly my concerns of flying small unknown airplanes were rapidly dissipated after watching the procedures in place, and  the good availability of maintenance on site.

Finally, I need to highlight the excellent job done by Terry whose  dedication  and preoccupation with my training was the recipe for a successful “Check-Ride”. I will never forget that a soft field landing is always a good landing in a C172.

Thanks you all : Terry, Mike, Cesar, David, Katlheen, Luis, Super Mechanic and everyone who was related to my 21 days of suffering J

Best Regards,

Jose G


Luis, Mike, Steve, David, Jeff S, Sam, Jeff, Cesar, and the ENTIRE crew at SunState Aviation,

I just wanted to send you all a huge THANK YOU! My experience at SunState was above and beyond my expectations. Everyone there was professional, proficient, extremely friendly, and open to all of my questions and concerns. The teamwork to get me from a practical “0” time student to Private Pilot in just 18 days was phenomenal! Everyone worked together in a seamless fashion in helping with scheduling of flights, ground instruction, flight planning, check rides, night flights, whatever it took! My hat is off to all of you and congratulations on a job well done.

Luis did an excellent job of recognizing areas that I was struggling to master and wasted no time in adapting his training process into a manner that was easy for me to comprehend, and helped me stick the maneuvers on the first try! All of his hard work and dedication will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you Luis!

I am already planning a return trip to SunState in the near future to expand on my new found freedom of flight. The variety of training offered, the vast knowledge of the instructors and staff, and not to mention the variety aircraft you have for me to obtain endorsements and ratings in second to none. SunState will be the top of my recommendation list.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing all of you on my next trip to sunny Orlando,

Jim S



I have just completed my survey that you requested. I can’t think of anyone I flew with who did not exceed my expectations. Luis, Terry, David and of course Jeff were all incredibly patient yet effectively forceful, fun and at the same time extremely professional, and when I made a mistake (which I did plenty of times), rather than harp on the mistake itself they used the situation as a learning opportunity.

I came with very high expectations of all of you, and you didn’t disappoint. I will be back to SunState in the future to further my studies. In the meantime I will use the things you taught me to enjoy the unbelievable gift I have been given as a certificated Private Pilot.

Many thanks to all of you at SunState. I wish each and every one of you a safe, prosperous and fulfilling 2011 and hope it is both your best year personally and professionally ever.

Take Care,

Matt G

Hi Mike and all the gang at Sunstate Aviation,

I hope you are all well. Hopefully you remember me from the UK.

About 2yrs ago Terry helped me out with my IR when the guys at {brand-X} sold out on me and then I came back about 18months ago and did some Multi Engine Flying.

I just thought I should let you know that IT has finally happened!

I got an interview at JET2.com in the UK in September and was offered a position subject to completion of my Type rating on the B737-300.

Well over the last 8 weeks I have been hard at it and last Friday completed the Base training and am now fully Type Rated.

In fact as I sit here now I am gearing up for my first flight tomorrow morning to Portugal.

Once again many thanks for the help you gave me as it was invaluable.

Carl W.

Hello Mike,

I am finally back and rolled into my normal life again.  I just wanted to let you know once again that I am very satisfied and happy with the training I had, the instructors were great, the airplanes were the best with top of the line avionics, and Kissimmee was a nice place to stay.  I was really impressed we were able to cover so much in so little time.  This training went well over my expectations.

Thank you

Fernando S.



I am writing to commend you and your instructors on the exceptional training you provide, especially in the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). The applicants I have had the opportunity to fly with are prepared well beyond the parameters of the practical test standards. It is clear that your instructors teach from a structured format incorporating scenario-based training and real world situations. The applicants have good declarative and procedural knowledge, but in addition, they possess a good conceptual knowledge of the Garmin G-1000 equipment. The ability of your instructors to build the necessary mental-models for those new to “glass” cockpits will be of great benefit to students for their safe and efficient operation of this new generation of airplane.

Once again, it is a great pleasure to give checkrides to your applicants for all pilot certificates as I find a consistently high level of pilot performance and decision making skills. In addition, the great learning atmosphere with the open air discussions of aviation concepts at your school is so conducive to the production of great, safe pilots. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the success of your students of aviation.

Best Regards,

Janeen Kochan, Ph.D.

Designated Pilot Examiner/Human Factors Scientist

Aviation Research, Training, and Services, Inc.



Hi Mike,

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at SunState Aviation, your team of instructors, and particularly David. Their professionalism and assistance helped me succeeding in what seemed to be some sort of challenge. Indeed, I managed to get my IR in seventeen days…

Whatsoever, the dedication, professionalism and honest approach of all instructors helped me correcting my flying skills with the right advices and knowledge transfer.

I will definitely recommend your school. The planes are very well maintained and quite new. Flying the glass cockpit Cessna 172 was a definite plus which will certainly serve me in my future career. I will come back to Florida next year and will join your school one more time for some hour building.

Best regards,

Olivier R.

Dear Steve,

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding flight training I received at SunState Aviation. After a 20-year aviation career in the Navy I was very selective on choosing a flight school that can deliver quality training, safe maintenance practices, high standards, and safe air operations. Your school delivered 100% on these areas and more. Your leadership at the school is evident in a well maintained fleet, high flight training standards, professional and courteous instructors and operations…..and “by the book” flight instruction. As I entered your spaces I felt all the excitement and assurances of the days when I entered squadron Ready Rooms. Your standards are high, your ops team members are professional, your maintainers top notch and your CFIs of “carrier deck” quality. Thanks to you Terry, Jeff, David, Jarid, Luis, Ryan, Sam, Mike, Cesar, and Nancy. Thanks to you all.

Sincerely yours,

Robert M.

Dear Steve, Mike and the Gang,

I just wanted to send a very sincere thank you for the very PROFESSIONAL flight training that I received at Sunstate Aviation.

From the very first phone call that I made to Sunstate I was always impressed by the genuine concern that I always received from you guys. I contacted several Flight Schools throughout the country when I first decided to fulfill a life long dream of flying. It was the attitude that was portrayed over the phone and also the wonderful fleet of aircraft that helped make my decision to go to Sunstate.

From the very first day that I arrived for my training, I knew that I was at the right place. Everyone greeted me and welcomed me to the family. A couple of hours later, I was at the controls flying an airplane. Everyday was a new adventure, well planned and explained. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of your staff and the very clear and concise training program. As you know I elected to enroll in the accelerated program for the private pilot, WOW what a program. Anyone who doubts that it is not enough time, needs to experience it. I would recommend it to anyone who has a limited amount of time to fulfill their dream of flying.

As you know I continued on to get my instrument ticket and I cannot say enough about the training that I received from Jeff. He is a Master at what he does!

Just a short story…..When I got back to Houston after all of my training, I was invited to go flying with one of my long time friends who happens to be an astronaut here in Houston. We took off and flew around for most of the day stopping at 3 different airports saying hello to some of his friends….oh I forgot to say that he wanted me to be PIC, We filed flight plans and flew IFR on two of the legs. When we got back home as we were getting out of the plane…my friend the astronaut turned to me and said “I can’t believe that you just started flying!” He told me that I flew as well as some of the well seasoned pilot friends that he has. Not astronauts of course. I owe it all to Sunstate Aviation!

Thanks again guys and I hope that you all have continued success. I am certain that you will.

Jeff H

Houston, Texas

Dear Mike,

It is with great pleasure that I send this letter as a testimonial to the excellence of the training I received while at Sunstate Aviation.

Your instructors are absolutely stellar. They have gone far beyond what could be expected to make the IFR world clear and understandable. Ground school and flight training were absolutely brilliant.

I appreciated particularly the way the CFI adapt the training to the level of their student, always keeping in mind that they would fly in a environment quite different from the one they are used to. Also appreciated was the fact that they never honey coat their perception of the level of proficiency of a student.

Of course, the fact that the planes were always available is a major plus. We have seen too many cases, in other organizations, where unexpected maintenance created havoc in a carefully planned schedule. Being able to count on dependable aircrafts and systems is a great comfort.

It is the most demanding training I ever went through. Probably because the level required exceeds the Practical Test standards. But, in the end it has paid off! Although I now hold an IR rating that I consider to be equivalent to a JAA IR, it is only a license to learn and acquire the necessary experience to fly in the IFR system.

Please do not hesitate to pass on my contact details to prospective students, as I can only recommend them to submit willfully to the sweet torture program you have put together.

Again, I would like you to convey my thanks to the team that made sure that not only the training was better than expected in my wildest dreams, but also to those who made my stay enjoyable and ensured that, outside the school environment, I could find a little home away from home, allowing me to concentrate on the work required.

Again, Thanks for everything,


Emmanuel D.


Thanks for all your support and encouragement, especially early on as I was making my decision to attend Sunstate’s accelerated Private Pilot program. I made the right choice.


Jim H.

Hi Mike,

Just a brief note to thank you and the team for getting me checked out and providing THE example of how a well run GA flying organisation should be set-up. I look forward to another visit in the near future and doing much more flying!

Best Regards,

Phil N.


My first morning back the temperature was -1 Fahrenheit.  Heatwave today at +11 F (less the wind chill in both instances).  Tell the folks down there the preflight doesn’t go smoothly in these conditions!

Mike, thanks for the hospitality at SunState during my visit.  I’ve been struggling along attempting to fit flight training in with “life” for a little over a year now.  This was clearly the only way certification would have ever happened for me.  Your friendly, upbeat training staff was always more than helpful and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate my needs or answer any of my questions.  Matt Raines belied his youthful, schoolboy appearance with great knowledge, patience and an ability to deliver a point in a way that even I could understand it.  Please pass my thanks all around.

Mike, thanks again for everything,

Herb S.

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed my stay and was impressed with the school. Jeff did a great job instructing me. I have nothing bad to say about him at all!!! Great instructor. Beth and Nancy were great in helping out and being cheerleaders. The rest of the staff and instructors are awesome!! Very supportive and friendly people.

I will be back in Jan to do my commercial and multi-engine rating. See you then and again thank you!!!


Charles C.

Hi Mike,

I have attached a completed copy of Sunstate’s Satisfaction Survey which Nancy asked me to return to you guy’s. I felt I owed more than questions on the survey to show haw satisfied I was during and after my visit to Kissimmee.

I would like to thank everyone at Sunstate Aviation for their help, encouragement, support and above all their belief in me succeeding in obtaining a PPL.

I entered Sunstate Aviation on an accelerated PPL course with just a 30 minute introductory flight under my belt, I allowed myself 4 weeks in which I met some great people at Sunstate, the staff, other students, FAA examiner who all helped me succeed as did the Control tower people at Kissimmee.

I flew in modern new advanced aircraft with Jeff (my main CFI) Matt, Julie and Steve, I was shown how to fly safely and how to have fun doing it. I emerged less than a month later with a PPL and took my wife for a short flight as my first passenger.

Sunstate has without doubt delivered what it said it would deliver, you guy’s delivered on time, on budget and made the experience enjoyable although it was sometimes challenging, a little scary and frustrating, all self inflicted.

I’m still floating on the success of getting my PPL, keep up the great work, Sunstate’s accelerated programs work because you practice what you learn the same day and you are developing those skills immediately.

Best regards,

Brendan H.

Dear Steve,

I want to thank you and your staff for all you did during my experience at Sunstate Aviation. It is obvious that you have gone to allot of trouble to put together a great organization, from the instructors to the shop staff all the way out to the airplanes. All of your staff was very professional while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. The instructors seemed very knowledgeable and easy going, and the airplanes were super.

I wish to thank Mike Camelin, my first contact with Sunstate for helping me get prepared for my stay. His willingness to help in any situation was greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank Beth, Nancy and Norma for all their help as well. I wish Beth all the luck in her endeavor to get her Private ticket.

My instructor, Paul Behan, made the experience challenging and fun all at the same time. He really has a knack for understanding the best way to pass on his knowledge. I really had a great time flying with him. I realize that he is headed to ATC somewhere; he will be sorely missed. Thanks also to JC; even though I only had a short check ride with him I learned allot. And last but not least, I really enjoyed flying with you. Each student should consider themselves lucky to fly with the owner; how could you not learn something!

In a nutshell, I would recommend Sunstate Aviation hands down over any other flight school that I researched. Great planes, absolutely super people and a great location all made the challenge worthwhile. I will be back in a year or so for my instrument rating! I miss flying everyday already!

Mark B.

St. John

US Virgin Islands

Hi Mike,

Just a quick note of thanks to all of the folks at SunState Aviation.  Although Mother Nature really tried hard to interfere, my Multi-Engine Commercial checkride was completed on Sunday :-)).

A special thanks to the following folks…in no particular order…
1)  The front desk staff (including yourself) for all of the words of encouragement and the various forms of support provided.
2)  My flight instructors…Dave, Matt, JC, and Steve for putting in the extra time to help me achieve my goals.

My experience with SunState has been a very positive one, and one I would recommend to others.  From the first website encounter, to the first phone call with you, to my arrival a couple weeks ago, and finally the successful completion of my two checkrides (Commercial, and Multi Add on), it has been a positive experience where I felt that everyone was working to help me succeed.

Thanks to everyone and I hope to see you all again (I’ve started thinking about a CFI ;-))…
Mike K.


Sorry it took me so long to respond.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in planes lately …. Unfortunately (perhaps fortunately for the passengers) I haven’t been the pilot.

The experience I had with SunState sure did exceed all my expectations.  It was a fantastic experience and you guys (and girls) are to be commended for a very professionally run, customer focused operation.  All I can say for the moment is thank you very much!

I also can’t say enough again how Ricky San Miguel added to this experience.  He was the consummate professional.  A truly likable guy on the ground who was completely dedicated to my end goal; however when he got in that plane he was all business!

There is no doubt I will be moving on to get my IFR rating and for that I’ll be back to see you.  As soon as I get out of Algeria in a few months I plan on moving forward with that.  I will also sign up for your chart service then too.

Once again thanks for everything.  It truly was a pleasure!

Kind regards … Ric Y.


Dear Steve and Mike:

I am writing to compliment you and your entire team for the exceptional flight training experience that you provided while I was with you for three weeks this past May.

Permit me to mention that I am the Chief Executive of a One Billion Dollar firm with over 85,000 customer accounts. I say this not to impress you but to merely indicate that I know a thing or two about what constitutes great customer service and value given.

I can state without equivocation that SunState is one of the few companies I know that actually delivers far more than it promises.  My experience during my twenty days with you and your instructors was truly exceptional.

Your staff  was respectful of my time – and my financial investment.  Your flight instructors show exceptional maturity in spite of their youth.  They have to walk a very fine line between treating their students as paying customers and also having to be both coach and mentor to people like me who are older and not accustomed to being told what to do.

If I had to describe one particular event that would be indicative of what a fine operation you run, it would be one day when I was “behind the airplane.”  About 15 minutes in one of my flight lessons, my primary instructor – “TC” Armstrong – looked at me and said; “Let’s go back to the airport.”  I replied that we were just getting started.  He said, “Ed, you may not recognize it, but you’re tired and you’re not learning. To just continue this lesson is not in your best interest.  We’re going back  – and we’re going back now.”

That took exceptional maturity – and a consciousness of what was in my best interests – to do what TC did.  We could have just flown around, with him continuing to earn his hourly fee.   But he did what was best for me – not what was best for him.  That is what I call professionalism.

Your learning facilities are well maintained and all of your staff is friendly and helpful.  The fleet of planes is excellent – safe and well-maintained.

As I said, you deliver more than you promise and that is so very rare today.

I’ll see you next year for my IFR training


Ed S.


I recently completed accelerated flight training for my commercial license at your school. My instructor was Mike Elliott.

I was very impressed by your operation generally, and by Mr. Elliott particularly. Mr. Elliott was thorough, very knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to be around. He and the other instructors clearly enjoy flight instruction — they’re not just building time. This really matters for accelerated students on a tight schedule.

Further, I got to fly twice a day. This is something of a logistical miracle compared to other flight schools. Planes were in excellent condition, and maintenance was immediate. Two flights a day was about all I could handle.

I recommend Sunstate without reservation to other pilots and student pilots.

Tom W.

Dear Mike

Please accept my sincere thanks for your recent assistance at very short notice with completing my FAA IR.

Your willingness to step in and provide excellent instruction and first class aircraft was a great relief to me, having just previously started the same course with another local company who turned out to be an expensive mistake.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to all the staff at Sunstate, especially Ricky who was an excellent instructor and who kept nagging me to get it right, wanting within 0.1nm on a DME Arc, as it turned out not even the FAA expect this!!

Sunstate Aviation restored my faith in flight training organizations, and your company’s attitude to providing professional structured training in first class and identically equipped aircraft was much appreciated.

Again, please pass on my thanks and best wishes to all at Sunstate and again Ricky, who I wasn’t able to see to thank personally before I had to leave.

I hope to be back in Kissimmee in July and will call in again and hopefully fly.

Many thanks

Alwyn R.

To the staff of SunState Aviation,

I had spent 8 months with 2 other flight schools and 4 different instructors and was becoming frustrated with the slow pace. So I spent 4 hours on the internet one Sunday researching flight schools, I finally settled on SunState because they offered what I wanted; intensive flight training, many aircraft and a willingness to work around my needs. And when I got there, I found that what was offered on the website was exactly what SunState delivered – NO BULL! My instructor did not allow me to slack off and he did not paint a falsely optimistic picture of what I needed to accomplish. This “no bull” approach gave me the proper training I needed to pass the practical and more importantly, to fly with the confidence that I am a safe, competent and well trained pilot. And all the other instructors I flew with and chatted with seemed to be really knowledgeable and helpful as well. The dispatch crew was friendly, courteous and efficient as well. Additionally, the aircraft here were modern, well maintained and confidence inspiring, unlike some of the rattletrap beaters I have flown at other schools. I will definitely recommend SunState to others because they deliver what they promise.


David C.


I just wanted to let you and the rest of the guys down at Sunstate know that I was selected to attend Air Force pilot training. I just found out a little over a week ago, and it’s still somewhat surreal. I haven’t learned where I will be doing my training, and I won’t know what aircraft I will fly until about 2/3 of the way through my training. But I will definitely keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for everything, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of y’all down in Florida. Please let Joe know the good news.

Eddy F.

Hey Mike,

I would to take this time to thank you and everyone at SunState Aviation. Dwain and Joe are awesome instructors, and without there help I would not have done as well as I did. Pamela and Amber were always willing to answer any question I had (regardless of how dumb it was). The way that you and Steve were willing to help me with the foreign license problem that arose was above-and-beyond. I will definitely be recommending SunState to my friends. And I will be returning soon to finish up all my FAA license requirements.

Again thank you,
Vicente P.

“Thanks for your welcome, the standard of your staff and aircraft were great and the briefing and BFR work as well as the flying instruction that I received from Ryan were first class.

Once again, keep up the good work – you seem you have it dead right!”

Phillip M.

“Superb training. The staff was great and I felt right at home. I came with very demanding needs and you met them all. Joe was a great CFI and I definitely couldn’t have done it without him, but everyone was willing to help whenever needed.”

Eddy F.

While on a business trip in Orlando, I booked a flight and flew with Scott Repass this past Thursday. I want to thank Scott for a great flight. As a student pilot, I’ve only flown low-wings before. Scott showed me all the nuances of the Cessna. He’s a good, knowledgeable instructor who made my flight very enjoyable. And the rest of your staff treated me great. If I’m in the area again, I will be coming back for another flight. Hopefully, I’ll have my PPL by then!

Thank you,
Linda W.

Dear Mike and all at Sun State,

I would like to thank all of your staff for the friendship they showed me during my stay, they all make Sunstate a place where it is a pleasure to fly, concentrating on the students wishes instead of simply making a profit.

I would like to thank all of the instructors I flew with especially Nate, as he did some long hours with me, all of which will help me with my flying back here at home.

Thank you one and all who picked me up and dropped me off at the hotel, I greatly appreciated it, what else can I say apart from that I will recommend your school to some friends, and that I hope to be back flying with you nearer Christmas for some more fun.

Many Thanks to you all

Richard B.

Steve:  I just wanted to sincerely thank you and the entire Sunstate team for a very rewarding training experience.   Due to initial encouragement from Mike via the website, I traveled approximately 6,000 miles to take my flight training at Sunstate and it was well worth it.  The consistent training syllabus and family spirit at the facility made the difference for me.

I would like to put in a special word of thanks to Scott and Ryan who stayed quite late in the classroom the night before my checkride to make sure my head was screwed on straight.   Scott did a commendable job of sticking with me through the rough spots and I really appreciate that kind of extra effort.  Thanks also for the final week “reality check” flight that kept me on the right track.

I feel confident now to safely exercise the privileges and responsibilities of my commercial ticket.

Best of luck in the new facility.

Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much).


Hi Mike,

Just a quick note to thank you for setting up my flight yesterday. Your staff were very friendly and helpful, the airplane was fantastic and Scott was an excellent instructor to fly with. It was great to get up and see something of the area from the air.

I found out about you on airnav.com, and will contribute another excellent pirep to that forum.

All the best

Chris A.

Hi Mike,

I’ve been busy since I got back so this is the first free time I’ve had to email you.

A big thank you to yourself and all at SunState. I was made to feel welcome by everyone. The instructors impressed me: very professional and they worked me hard! The aircraft were clean and fun to fly (even my friend N53440!) and I learned a lot from the experience.

I am missing the flying already but I hope, weather permitting (yes, I’m back in the land of rain and cloud!), to go flying with a friend on Sunday in a Warrior. It will be interesting transitioning back to a PA28 after the 172.

Thanks again for helping to make this one of the most enjoyable holidays I’ve had. If you want to use me as a reference I would be happy to oblige.

Best wishes to all at SunState!

Alan O.