Testimonials from
Past Students

Adam H

Dear Steve,

I can’t thank you enough for everything Sunstate Aviation did in preparing me for my commercial pilot oral and flight exam.

The Commercial Pilot Course was not only enjoyable but had me absolutely prepared to pass the check ride. Your facility is top-notch and all the aircraft are modern and in excellent shape, but your instructors and staff and their preparation and willingness to put in the extra effort really made the difference.

Instructor Michael McDonald went above and beyond what was necessary to make sure I was ready for every maneuver and was meeting standards. Michael spent as much time as necessary to make sure I was performing all the maneuvers within the tolerances and when it came time for the flight test, I had no issues. Also thank Isaiah Maldonado for all his help in scheduling and coordinating the week’s training. I didn’t make it easy with calling on such short notice but am so glad I was able to train with you. Please thank the remaining staff at Sunstate Aviation for me as well.

Thank you again and I look forward to flying with you again soon. Anyone wanting to learn or earn an additional rating should pursue their aviation goals with you.

Alfred V

I have to say this, I been with SunState aviation for about 6 months and since day one it has been my only choice without a regret, very helpful and professional people as well as the best airplanes that you will ever find in an aviation school. I completed my Private pilot license as well as my instrument rating with the liberty university program that they offer at SunState. and I am now pursuing my commercial license and will finish the rest of the CFIs courses with them as long as things continue to as they are. Mr. Mike Camelin is a very helpful person ready to help you in anyway he can to assist you in your needs, as well as many professional flight instructors that there is in SunState Aviation. Keep it up Guys!

Ray S

Thank you for the Instrument Rating training SunState Aviation provided me. Chris, Sherrie and Joe did a great job training me – and prepping me for my written, oral and practical Instrument Rating exam.

It is a testament to your standards at SunState that I thought of the “check rides” as my flights with Chris, Sherrie and Joe – rather than my flight with a DPE. I say this with a smile: I knew my Instrument Rating was secured once I passed my check-rides with Joe & Sherrie – it was my flights with Sherrie & Joe that I most feared..next to the daily exacting standards Chris imposed on our flights.

SunState Aviation does a great job preparing students. You have my respect, my friend: you and the SunState Aviation team do a great job. I already miss my daily walks by your office, watching you tilt your head back, and asking me a thought provoking question on IFR flights…

I would just say, as an aside, that I’m looking for an app on whatever Garmin software is installed on the aircraft I buy that has Chris Davies’ face popping up telling me to watch my altitude, attitude, air speed, vertical speed more or less constantly….

Well done my friends.

Faisal A

Dear Steve, Mike, and the rest of the team,

I would like to thank you all for a great learning and flying experience during my three weeks PPL course at Sunstate Aviation.

From the first day I walked in, I noticed the professional setup of the organization. From scheduling to the immaculately maintained aircraft. Everything gave the impression that this is a first class learning center. All CFIs were extremely helpful and offered their advice all the time.

The training program was structured and clear. What really impressed me is the amount of feedback the students get during the debriefing sessions. Federico was very good at it. Also, the advice I got from Joe was very helpful during my check ride.

There are thousands of flight schools out there, but Sunstate Aviation is in a league of its own. I look forward to my IR training in the future with you.

Ray S

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent instruction I received at SunState.

As tough and as grueling as the process of getting my PPC was, given that I did it with no breaks, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and thought that the SunState team was absolutely first class. I particularly appreciated how dedicated and thorough Chris was – a great educator and pilot – perfectly balancing a need to coach/encourage while maintaining extraordinarily high standards for the performance of each maneuver and landing.

The check rides with Sherri and Joe were wonderful opportunities for me to prove, to them, and myself, that I was progressing up the learning curve, and I learned a great deal during those flights, given their different teaching styles and advice they gave me. Every time I fly, for the rest of my life, I will hear Joe, saying sternly in my ear, “you have GOT to use the heading and altitude bugs!” – great advice/commandment…

It is a credit to Chris, and the entire SunState team, that the easiest flight I had in my entire SunState PPC experience – by far – was my DPE check ride. By way of example, during my check ride, on the first steep turn I was asked to perform, I was executing it poorly in my opinion, failing to adequately hold bank angle and altitude, so I pulled out of it roughly 75% of the way through and asked to be able to do it again, which the DPE approved – and the next two turns were fine. In the debrief afterwards, the DPE asked why I pulled out, as in his opinion the first turn was fine and certainly within the ACS requirements – and my response was “thank you – but it wouldn’t have been remotely good enough for Chris…”.

I’ve signed up with Mike for Instrument rating training – I look forward to seeing you all again late Nov/early December for that adventure.

Andreas R

Hey Mike.

I’m hoping this finds you well. I wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I still enjoy receiving these emails. It seems a lifetime ago that I went up in N23868 for the first time, but it was not even 4 years ago!

I’ve now been with Cathay for 8 months, and regularly perform cruise pilot duties to Australia and the Middle East. Loving it. The values I found at Sunstate hold true at my airline. Rigorous preparation. A commitment to safety above all. Uncompromising professionalism. And of course let’s not forget to enjoy ourselves while we are at it.

Robin W

Highly recommended. A very intense two weeks but a very professional organisation, great facilities, excellent G1000 aircraft and top people got me to a successful instrument check ride. Thanks also to my instructors Oleg and Federico who did a great job! Robin W, London, UK

Gabriel G

I’ve been familiar with SunState Aviation for over a decade now. From my first ever discovery flight in late 2005 to becoming a Private Pilot just two weeks ago, SunState has always met my needs and expectations and helped me get closer to my dream of being a professional pilot. My very first day in training had me already behind the controls of one of their many Cessna 172s for a few hours. I knew right away that my training experience would be fun and exciting. The team of instructors at SunState is dedicated and passionate about flying and making sure every question is answered and above all, to make sure that your flight training is as fun as possible. I started training on February 8 and just barely two months later, I passed my check ride with just over 40 hours total flight time. My instructor worked around my schedule and the overall flexibility of the instructor team and aircraft scheduling staff exceeded my expectations. The aircraft at SunState are maintained and rigorously inspected around the clock in accordance with their inspection schedules. There was always an aircraft available for me to fly and I never had to worry about the conditions of any of the aircraft I flew from their line. Take some time before deciding which flight school to attend and swing by SunState Aviation and just take five minutes to look around. You’ll be met by a brand new facility, friendly staff that will literally walk you through every step of your training goals and most importantly, a learning environment that captures you right off the bat! Thanks to the team at SunState for making my dream come true. I look forward to continue my training here to develop and polish my skills as a professional pilot.

Emmanuel S

Hi Mike,

Wanted to thank you and the staff at Sunstate for allowing me to pursue my dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

I had a really positive experience overall: airplanes were in great shape; instructors, front desk staff, and mechanics were on their ‘A’ game and always willing to help; and the quality of instruction definitely equipped me with the knowledge and skill required to successfully pass 3 checkrides.

I will definitely be recommending Sunstate to any aspiring pilots.

Dr Janis Z

Id like to thank all the Sunstate Aviation team for having me in KISM. The school program was highly organized and I had the opportunity to train with really professional instructors while I was there, and they all did an outstanding job. Before arriving I used the online Cessna ground school to prepare myself for the written test, and I can give the best recommendations for that. In just 14 days of intense training I have lost 7 pounds of my “ramp weight” and earned my Instrument Rating instead! An amazing 2 weeks! I can highly recommend Sunstate Aviation!

Christopher A

I arrived at SunState Aviation in March of 2014 excited to continue my flight training in Florida. I was very impressed by the friendly staff and instructors I met throughout my Instrument Rating, Commercial Single and Multi-Engine training program.

Aircraft maintenance was impeccable and the one on one training I had with the different instructors was spot on.

I’d like to especially highlight Lyle, who with a lot of patience and diligence, took me in and made me a far better pilot than what I used to be. He is very cool and calm when he sits next to you, giving you (as the student) the confidence to fly the aircraft.

I will always remember where I was formed as a pilot, and that was at SunState Aviation.

Martin F

it has been a pleasure for me receiving the training through Sunstate Aviation. Everything worked out as planned within my personal goal/time frame.

I want to mention the professionalism and encouraging personality of the instructors working with me: especially David my main instructor, but the same Barry and the last day Ken. All of them worked as a team and always informed each other about my progress or where to put focus to overcome challenges as they appeared.

I was impressed by the support from your side in the beginning especially working on TSA issues etc. The information you emailed was profound and guided through the whole process. So it has been quite easy to understand and follow. I experienced no hick ups, delays in dealing with the different institutions. I believe this is/you are a real asset at Sunstate Aviation!

John W

I have to say that all of my expectations were more than exceeded at SunState Aviation!

I loved having a dedicated instructor that was able to work with me every day and it also greatly helped that all of the staff at SunState were kind and welcoming throughout all of my time there.

The quality of training that I received was definitely far beyond what I expected and I also was shocked to see how well maintained and cared for each and every one of the planes were.

Another great resource that I was able to make use of was the fact that I had my own desk to keep my stuff in and study on in between flights.

Overall, I do have to say that my time at SunState was much better than I could have imagined and I am looking forward to coming back next summer!

Dale D

Good evening all,

A quick word to thank all for your efforts on my multi add-on training, especially to Lyle Schofield for making it happen in a short space of time with the check-ride request to Mr Brown.

Mike, you have a great team. Ken, thank you sir for following up with me from time to time to make sure all was well and I was being taken care of.

When you’ve been thru the terrors of the South Florida flight training factories with hundreds of students as I have, coming to SunState Aviation was truly a breath of fresh air.

Keep up the high-quality! You all come highly recommended from me.

All the best, & God’s Blessings.

Julian Z

First I would like to say thank SunState Aviation for this incredible experience. Since the beginning I noted the team effort and how every person that is part of SunState Aviation cares about you. I liked having my own instructor and personalized training. My effort was really appreciated in every flight. I will definitively finish all my courses with SunState Aviation and will keep coming back for more ratings. I can’t wait to take my friends and family flying with me!

Ralph M

Dear Mike and Richard

We would just like to take this opportunity to pass on our heartfelt thanks to SunState Aviation in getting Jack [our son] through his PPL. With the weather being difficult after Christmas we had to change our flight plans so that Jack had the opportunity to take his test and it was great to see the staff at SunState accommodate us accordingly.

Claire and I were particularly keen to mention the approach of Jack’s instructor, Zach Massey. Before I continue I think I need to point out our experience in Training; Claire is a quality assurance lead for all trainers in the Fighter Control Branch of the Royal Airforce. I run my own training company and I specialise in teaching individuals to train others in the UK and to an International audience. Together, we have over 50 years combined experience of training, particularly in the Royal Air Force.

In our opinion Zach was an outstanding trainer. He was able to pick up Jacks particular needs, build up his confidence and push him at the right time. Moreover, he did this with a natural ability to build rapport which brought the best out of Jack. We have observed many instructors in Florida since Jack began flying, and without doubt Zach was one of the best.

Furthermore, Zach went the extra mile when required. He gave us updates on Jack’s progress and on numerous occasions, offered Jack additional support when he believed he would benefit. A good example of this is offering Jack the opportunity to sit in lessons to gain extra knowledge. This is testimony of someone with high training values, not for personal gain but an eagerness to ensure his students have the best possible underpinning knowledge.

We wouldn’t hesitate in using Zach in any training capacity, he demonstrates everything a fantastic instructor should be. Moreover, he represents SunState Aviation in a very valuable light, a credit to the organization.

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Zach for his excellent approach and support he has given.