iPad Pro 12.9″ Universal Kneeboard



The iPad Pro 12.9″ Universal Kneeboard Folio™ C (including clipboard) is the perfect high quality leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for your iPad Pro, and all other 11.5-13″ tablets. Now you can bring any 11.5-13″ iPad/Tablet with you into the cockpit of any airplane, train, car or truck where it can be held secure on your knee and lap. The iPad/Tablet is held by four adjustable clips that are attached to a rotating cradle. All of the ports and controls remain accessible so the iPad/Tablet can be charged, synced and controlled in the folio.


  • Cockpit Ready
  • Removable Leg Strap
  • Built-In Stand
  • 360˚  Rotation
  • Magnetic Clipboard


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