IFR Pro Kneeboard




APR P-IFR Pro Kneeboard

APR’s NEW P-IFR Pro-Flight Kneeboards aid pilots in pre-flight planning and in-flight with graphically displayed, neatly organized essential flight information. The Pro Flight kneeboards are designed by pilots for pilots.

The large clip at the top opens to 1″ to hold and organize flight plans, charts, maps, and approach plates or book. The kneeboards manually rotate on either leg to your best writing angle. An adjustable strap assures a comfortable fit.

Manufactured in the USA with lifetime durable anodized aluminum.
Dimensions: 9-1/2″ x 6-3/8″


  • Flight Plan
  • Special Equipment Suffix
  • IFR Checklist Aid
  • MAG Compass Error
  • In-flight Weather
  • IFR Non-Radar Only
  • IFR Required Reports
  • Radio Failure (Squawk 7600)
  • Holding Pattern
  • VOR Accuracy Check
  • Position Report
  • Alternate Requirements
  • VFR Visibility and Distance from Clouds
  • Cloud Requirements


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