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The B4 SWIFT-ECHO is exactly the same as the standard B4 SWIFT, except for two simple changes to make it work slightly better for our Airline Captains. It comes with SPE (water bottle not included) instead of the SPA, and the J-Hook Main Handle instead of the plain Main Handle.

The B4 SWIFT-ECHO makes a perfect VFR Flight Bag for Airline Captains as there is room for one or two headsets, one or two iPad, a full-sized water bottle, plus all the small stuff you’ll want along for the ride. The B4 SWIFT-ECHO includes our unique Main Handle J-Hook that is designed to fit onto the J-Hook of most rolling suitcases. It also serves as an unbeatable carry-on personal bag when traveling on commercial flights, or just as a terrific daily bag for a wide variety of personal and professional uses.

The B4 does NOT include a SLIM HANDLE KIT. If you ever think you’d like to remove the CS4 and zip just the two End Caps together to make the B0 SLIM, you’ll need to make sure you also order an SLIM HANDLE KIT.

The CS4 provides four inches of storage depth, but keep in mind that there is also two thin flat storage areas BETWEEN the three modules. (Remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) Keep in mind also that you can add any other Center Section to the B4 (like zip a CS2 in between the CS4 and the FCR) to add more storage on certain days. Any FLEX System module can zip onto any other FLEX System module. The Main Compartment of the CS4 has locking zipper sliders.

This configuration will very commonly be used to carry two full-sized aviation headsets of any brand. (There is a nice, slightly-tricky way place two large headsets – like the BOSE A20 – inside this space. Just “intertwine” the ear cups in opposite directions. It’s really nice to fit two headsets of any kind in such a relatively small space.)

There is a specially-designed pocket on top of the CS4 to hold Sunglasses and their case.

A small collection of charts or flight docs can go in the space between the CS4 and either of the End Caps. A 13″ Ultrabook or MacBook Pro can also fit into this “in between” space, and the iPad (or other tablet) can go in the main pocket on the FLAT CAP REAR

The B4 SWIFT also works amazingly well as a daily personal bag and/or as a commercial carry-on bag. A 13″ laptop plus a load of documentation plus an iPad, plus all the small stuff like cables, adapters and support stuff for all your technology, your digital camera, snacks, etc – all of this fits easily in this bag. Even your noise-reduction headset for those long flights.

The other great thing about this bag is that it is actually TWO bags for the price of one. Not only is it a B4 SWIFT, but you can also build a B0 SLIM by removing the center section and zipping just the two End Cap modules together. (If you ever think you’d like to remove the CS4 and zip just the two End Caps together to make the B0 SLIM, you’ll need to make sure you also order an SLIM HANDLE KIT.)

This version of the B4 SWIFT was configured with Airline Captains in mind. Because of their needs and their input, this special version of the B4 SWIFT different from the standard one in the following ways:

  • This bag comes with a SPE instead of a SPA. (We got a ton of requests for a better, larger, adjustable water bottle pocket.)
  • This bag comes with the MHJ (the special Main Handle with slots for a J-Hook), intead of the standard MH.


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