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B18 Hangar

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A Flight Bag or Travel Bag that can handle all your gear. Adaptable by adding or removing center sections as needed. Eight different bags can be built with the included modules. Eight bags for the price of one.

Designed primarily for aviators who need a Pilot Flight Bag to pack multiple overnight items, such as clothes, shoes, coolers, etc., the B18 HANGAR fits the bill when maximum space is required. Also excellent for those in the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical field.

The B18 is 13.5″ x 10.5″ x 22″ with interior storage capacity of 18 inches. (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.)

The B18 can be secured to the BrightLine Bags folding Cart (sold separately) by using the zipper on the side of the CS11 and sliding the telescoping handle through the opening. See Gallery photos below.

Keep in mind that the modules included in the B18 can be assembled in any order. You can also remove modules and reassemble the remaining modules into a smaller bag. Or can combine other FLEX System modules. Any FLEX System module can be zipped onto any other FLEX System module.


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