Accelerated Private Pilot Training Course

Our accelerated Private Pilot’s License course is designed to help you progress at your best pace and earn your rating in the shortest time possible.


With our FAA Approved Accelerated Private Pilot training program, we simply place you in an environment where you learn at your own best pace.

You can earn your Private Pilot certificate in a very short time, or move at your own pace.

Upon successful completion of the Accelerated Private Pilot course, the student pilot will be awarded a US (FAA) Private Pilot License.

Started your training somewhere else? Finish-up training is available too! Ask for details!

Accelerated Private Pilot Training at SunState Aviation

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FAA Part 61 Approved

FAA Part 141 Approved

Accelerated Private Flight Training

Technically Advanced Aircraft

Expert Instructors

Located in Sunny Central Florida

Excellent Safety Record

Learn To Fly in Days, not Months

Finish-up Training Available

FAA Approved Accelerated Private Pilot Training

What to expect in your first solo flight!

Watch two of our past students solo for the first time in our video blog. Both have successfully obtained their private pilot certificates.

“…within the limits of fatigue, I believe the more quickly one learns something, the better they will learn, because when a student learns over a shorter period of time, the experiences are more recent and vivid.”


John King, co owner of King Schools

“…The quality of the instruction is top-notch and the best part is that the instructors REALLY care about your progress.”
Bryan C.