SunState Aviation’s FAA part 141 Pilot Training Catalog


It is the purpose of SunState Aviation Flight School to train and mentor men and women to become exceptional pilots who possess excellent technical skills, sound judgment, and professionalism.


SunState Aviation is a fully certified FAA Part 141 school authorized to teach Private, Instrument and Commercial pilot courses.


SunState Aviation endeavors to offer our pilot training courses at fair and competitive pricing. Please following the appropriate Course Information links below for cost estimates of our various course offerings. Follow the Syllabus Download links to view a PDF of the various course Syllabi.

  • Private Pilot Course (AVIA 220, AVIA 225) – Course Information – Syllabus Download

    • AVIA 220 – Primary flight training in fundamental pilot operations, including ground reference maneuvers, traffic patterns, emergency procedures and takeoffs and landings. Approximately 20 flight hours.

    • AVIA 225 – Continuation of AVIA 220 to include basic flight maneuvers, maximum performance takeoffs and landings, cross-country flights and introduction to high density airport operations. This course will prepare the student for the required FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test and Practical Test. Approximately 25 flight hours.

    • Prerequisite – Completion of the approved ground training

  • Instrument Rating Course (AVIA 320) – Course Information – Syllabus Download

    • AVIA 320 – Basic instrument flight training including air traffic control clearances, and orientation to radio navigation techniques. Use of the simulator will be integrated for introduction to each phase. Approximately 35 flight hours and the required FAA Instrument Knowledge Test and Practical Test.

    • Prerequisite – Completion of the approved ground training

  • Commercial Pilot Course (AVIA 325) – Course Information – Syllabus Download

    • AVIA 325 – Basic commercial pilot flight maneuvers and complex/high performance aircraft systems and operations. This course will provide thorough preparation for the required FAA Commercial Pilot check flight. Approximately 110 flight hours.

    • Prerequisite – Completion of AVIA 320 and the approved ground training

  • Multi-engine Flight Training Course (AVIA 440) – Course Information – Syllabus Download

    • AVIA 440 – Basic multi-engine flight maneuvers teaching the safe operation of a multi-engine aircraft including single-engine operations (asymmetrical thrust). Approximately 10 hours and completion of the required Practical Test.

    • Prerequisite – Completion of AVIA 325 and the approved ground training

SunState Aviation Safety Practices and Procedures – Download here

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