Cessna Pilot Center
and the Online Training

SunState Aviation is also a Cessna Pilot Center!

No matter where you learn to fly, your classroom will be the Cessna Skyhawk. It’s a joy to fly – in fact, it’s the most popular airplane ever made. But make no mistake – this Cessna doesn’t have training wheels. The Skyhawk comfortably carries two adults and their luggage up to 14,000 feet at a pulse-quickening 140 mph (225 kph).
More pilots come to Cessna Pilot Centers to get their wings than any other flight school in the country. CPC will prepare you for your pilot’s license in every way, from learning all about the laws of physics that keep you aloft, to taking your first flight, to taking your pilot’s exam all the way to regular solo flying as a licensed pilot.
It’s time to take to the skies and make your dreams of flight a reality. A Cessna Pilot Center is the place to teach you how to make your dreams soar. So go ahead – you’re cleared for takeoff.

Sunstate Aviation is proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center. A Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) is a flight training center specially selected by Textron Aviation that represents top-quality, professional flight training. Our full-service facility has been producing safe and proficient pilots for 20 years. Our ‘Safety is Paramount’ commitment in all aspects of our operation has made Sunstate Aviation a premier Florida flight training location. With FAA approved accreditations as a FAR Part 61 and 141 flight training facility, we offer courses from zero experience to the levels necessary for a career in flying.

SunState Aviation is also a Cessna Pilot Center!

Textron Aviation, the parent company of Cessna Aircraft, has created one of the most widely used flight training aircraft since 1955. With very little changes over the years, it remains one of the safest flight training aircraft on the market today. Cessna Aircraft, it an effort to showcase their premiere flight schools, created Cessna Pilot Centers nationwide. A flight school could apply to become an accredited Cessna Pilot Center if they met the rigorous requirements set by the Cessna Aircraft Company. A Cessna Pilot Center is much like a Hilton or Marriott hotel, a hotel must meet and maintain rigorous standards for their customers to maintain the affiliation.



  • Online lessons, learn from anywhere
  • Fly the world’s leading trainer aircraft, the Cessna® Skyhawk®
  • Officially partnered with Cessna
  • Part of the world’s largest flight training network
  • Leveraging the most flight training experience