National Opt Out Year

National Opt Out Year – 2011

by Mike Camelin

News headlines and talk show fodder this recent Thanksgiving holiday were centered around the National Opt-out Day as it was called, protesting the new intrusive security measures at airports by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Although the protest was not all that well organized and most people traveling for the holiday did not “opt-out” of the full body scan, the point was made: Airline travel is getting more and more difficult and more travelers “opting out” of flying on scheduled air carriers and opting for alternative means of getting from point-A to point-B.

Well, why not fly yourself?

That’s right. In just 21 days and for about the price of a used car, you can become a certificated pilot and “opt-out” of long lines, full body scans, pat-downs and rude TSA agents. Forever!

Not only that, imagine flying your own airplane (one that you own or one that you rented) directly to your destination, not some International hub 200 miles from where you want to be, but right where you want to be! Even back-country airstrips. And imagine flying when YOU want to fly, not when the airlines want you to fly

You could actually arrive at your destination hours before you would have had you not “opted-out.”

Let us help you “opt-out” in 2011. Join SunState Aviation in declaring 2011, National Opt-Out Year!

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