About the Course

You planned a great trip to an exciting destination—but travel day turned up overcast and drizzly. You canceled because of weather, again—if only you had your Instrument rating.

Now, Cessna Pilot Centers make it easier to accomplish that challenging goal, with a comprehensive program that is rewarding—and downright fun! Once you obtain your Instrument rating, you’ll be a safer, more competent pilot. Unexpected clouds will become less daunting, and you’ll enjoy flying more—even in VFR! You’ll have earned the right to pierce the clouds, to bask in the glorious sunshine hidden from those you left below. And you’ll think… “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

  • Private Pilot License
  • FAA medical certificate
  • Passport/Birth certificate (TSA approval if not US Citizen)

A minimum of 35 hours of flight training

This will consist of solo flight, dual training flight, cross-country flight, night flight, simulated instrument flight, and more.

Progress checks with senior flight staff to evaluate and fine-tune your training

  • Syllabus Driven Training: Our Part 141 Flight Training Program provides a structured syllabus to ensure the training process is complete and consistent. Use of a syllabus is a major contributing factor to our students success being reliable and repeatable.
  • Online Ground School: Our Cleared for takeoff online curriculum was created by King Schools in collaboration with Cessna aircraft, two of the most respected names in aviation. The online training course allows you to study at your convenience and at a pace you are comfortable with from any internet enabled device.
  • One on one instruction: All of your ground and flight lessons will be conducted one on one with our FAA Certificated Flight Instructors. Our one on one approach allows our instructors to conduct lessons in a manner and at a pace tailored to each students needs and abilities.
  • State of the art fleet: Our Cessna 172 Glass-cockpit fleet consists of aircraft that are 2008 to 2020. Imagine hopping into a training aircraft and still smelling that new car smell. Additionally, they all come with traffic avoidance radar and weather radar for your safety.

Phase Sequence

In this phase you learn preflight preparation for IFR flight, instrument scan techniques, basic instrument flight maneuvers, using the magnetic compass and postflight procedures following an IFR flight.
Here you will polish your skills controlling the airplane by reference only to the flight instruments and learn to receive, copy and fly an IFR clearance. You will also learn to control the airplane simulating failure of the primary flight instruments and recover from an unusual flight attitude.
This phase provides you the opportunity to develop skills and gain confidence using RNAV, GPS, NDB and VOR avionics systems for IFR navigation. In addition you will learn to apply these skills flying IFR departure procedures.
This phase introduces holding patterns including their purpose and the requirements for entering, flying and making reports if you have received a holding clearance. You will also learn to fly DME arcs.
During this phase you will fly both precision and nonprecision approach procedures while learning the visual references needed to make the decision to continue for landing. If the required references are not visible, you will follow the missed approach procedure.
In this phase, you’ll polish your skill with precision and nonprecision approaches. You will also discover the value of using the autopilot for instrument approaches. In addition you’ll learn about using a circling maneuver to align with the landing runway.
Here you learn the steps involved in planning for and flying safe cross countries under Instrument Flight Rules. During a long cross country you will use three different types of IFR approach procedures.
In this phase you will polish all the instrument flying skills and knowledge you have learned to meet or exceed the Instrument Rating Airman Certification Standards.


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