Garmin G1000 Simulator (Advanced Aviation Training Device/AATD)

G1000 Simulator The use of flight simulators in IFR training is equally if not more important than choosing the right  aircraft.

 Train in the most Technically Advanced Aircraft cockpits in the aviation industry and keep your      training costs low with SunState Aviation’s new Elite G1000 Simulator (Advanced Aviation Training Device).

This new FAA Approved training device is outfitted with the actual Garmin G1000 hardware utilizing the now familiar 10.4” GDU 1040 PFD/MFD displays currently being offered in the new Cessna Single Engine aircraft as well as what are representative of the “glass cockpits” found in many of today’s technically advanced aircraft (TAA).

It’s FAA Approved, which means you can log up to 14 hours of time in this simulator toward meeting the required instrument time requirement for the FAA Instrument Rating (Part 141) and up to 50 hours toward your Commercial Pilot Airplane (Part 61) certification.