Flight Instructor Training

Information About the Training

In addition to advanced concepts of aerodynamics, your CFI preparation will focus on teaching maneuvers and the fundamentals of instruction (FOI)—to prepare you to convey information to your students logically and effectively. With KING in your cockpit, before you know it, your first student will be soloing!
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Instruments
  • Sectional Charts
  • Airspace & Weather Minimums
  • Teaching Maneuvers
  • Advanced Ground Instructing
  • And more!
  • Commercial Pilot License (Airplane Single Engine)
  • FAA medical certificate
  • Passport/Birth certificate (TSA approval if not US Citizen)

Phase Sequence

Your flight instructor curriculum ground study for Phase 1 reviews and delves further into Aerodynamics, Sectional Charts, Airspace and Weather Minimums, and Federal Aviation Regulations.

Your in-flight scenarios begin with exercising the flight controls and thereafter flying all the scenarios from the instructor’s flight station (normally the right seat in a side- by-side cockpit). You will start explaining how to perform maneuvers as you demonstrate them. You will also start the process of analyzing and correcting errors with basic maneuvers made by your instructor when simulating a pilot you are training. You will also look for the risks involved with maneuvers and formulate strategies to mitigate them. In the last scenario of this phase you will fly with another instructor for a phase progress check.

For this Phase’s ground lessons, you will look more in depth at the Flight Instruments, Aircraft performance, Weather, Weight and Balance, then study how to teach flight maneuvers with the Teaching Maneuvers lab.

During your in-flight scenarios you will demonstrate all designated maneuvers to the specified standards while simultaneously explaining the elements of each maneuver. You will also start using scenarios for introducing a maneuver to a simulated pilot in training. In addition, you will continue exercising risk management while analyzing and correcting errors made by your instructor simulating a pilot being trained on more advanced maneuvers. The last scenario of this phase is another phase progress check that you will fly with a check instructor.

In this phase, your ground study will include Communications and Radar Services, Radio Navigation, and the Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI). After completing the FOI Lab and the question review feature for FOI, you will be prepared to take the FOI knowledge test.
You will be involved with planning your in-flight scenarios as instructional flights and expanding lesson scenario development to include all maneuvers. You will also refine error analysis and correction for the simulated pilot in training performance. You will complete this phase with an end-of-stage progress check flown with another instructor.

Your knowledge study for this phase includes the Cross-Country Planning, Flight Operations and Advanced Ground Instructor Labs as well as concentrated sessions with your instructor in preparation for the practical test.
Your in-flight activities include demonstrating all maneuvers while simultaneously explaining how to fly them, introducing maneuvers to simulated pilots in training, correcting simulated errors, teaching maneuvers appropriate for risk surveillance and mitigation, and demonstrating active instructional level risk awareness, identification and mitigation. You will fly an end-of-course progress check with an appropriately designated instructor.

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SunState Aviation has over 16,000 sq. ft. state of the art training center and a fleet of 11 training aircraft. These aircraft include Cessna 172S, Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit, Traffic Avoidance Radar, Weather Radar, and more.

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What our Students Say

The Commercial Pilot Course was not only enjoyable but had me absolutely prepared to pass the check ride. Your facility is top-notch and all the aircraft are modern and in excellent shape, but your instructors and staff and their preparation and willingness to put in the extra effort really made the difference.


Adam H

I have to say this, I been with SunState aviation for about 6 months and since day one it has been my only choice without a regret, very helpful and professional people as well as the best airplanes that you will ever find in an aviation school.


Alfred V

Thank you for the Instrument Rating training SunState Aviation provided me. Chris, Sherrie and Joe did a great job training me – and prepping me for my written, oral and practical Instrument Rating exam.


Ray S