Commercial Pilot Training

This course is designed to take a holder of an FAA Private Pilot License who meets the aeronautical experience requirements of FAR 61.129 to an FAA certified Commercial Pilot, single engine airplane in the shortest time possible.

A multi-engine rating can also be added to your Commercial Pilot certificate!

For more reasons why SunState Aviation is an extraordinary commercial pilot school, visit this link. The table below gives you an itemized estimation of ALL of the costs involved with this Commercial Pilot training course. Actual costs will vary, but should be very close to this estimated cost.

SunState Aviation’s No Non-Sense Pricing

  • No Hidden Charges

  • Finish-up training is available – Contact us for details

Accelerated Commercial Pilot License Training Pricing

•    10 Hours Of Dual Flight Instruction (Aircraft, Fuel, Instructor) at $328 per hour = $3280
•    10 Hours of Ground Instruction at $74 = $740
•    Cleared For Hire Web Based Instruction – $359*
•    Commercial Pilot Knowledge Exam -$150
•    1.5 hours of aircraft use for check-ride = $374
•    FAA Examiner’s Fee = $600

TOTAL = $5503

*The Online Learning Program (OLP) is a required element of this course. There are no refunds for the OLP.

Other Related Expenditures;

  • Application Fee: $45
  • Aircraft Renters’ Insurance: $215
  • Charts and Other Dated Materials: $50

Let us book your hotel accommodations for a little as $39.95 per room/night.

Prerequisites for This Course:

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language (14-CFR part 61.123 (b))
  • A minimum of 250 total hours logged before your check-ride.
  • At least a 3rd class FAA medical certificate.
  • Holder of an FAA Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and meet the FAA’s Commercial Pilot aeronautical experience requirements as stated in FAR 61.129.
  • Completion of the Cessna/King Cleared for Hire Web-based Instruction program.



Cessna / King Web-based Instruction (WBI)

Cleared For Hire Online Course


The Cessna / King WBI programs work hand-in-hand with our Commercial Pilot Course syllabus. The Commercial Pilot WBI is an FAA approved, integrated study course which will prepare you for the required Commercial Pilot flight maneuvers, cross-country and night procedures, the FAA  Commercial Pilot knowledge exam and the FAA practical test.



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