SunState Aviation was founded in the spring of 2002 when President and co-founder Steve Graham saw a need for a quality flight training center which would both serve the needs of local student pilots as well as being a prime location for an Accelerated Flight Training Center. Starting with one airplane and 500 square feet of rented space, now ten years later with a 16,000 square foot state of the art training center and a large fleet of quality training aircraft, SunState Aviation has become America’s premier Accelerated Flight Training Center.

Unprecedented Growth, Superior Service

Building on our commitment to offering top quality flight training and personalized service, SunState Aviation has now expanded it’s flight training curriculum to include all FAA advanced ratings from Private Pilot through ATP, designed to take pilots on a logical progression of pilot training and experience to meet the pilot’s own personal needs. Our clients include busy professionals, business owners, law enforcement personnel, military personnel and aspiring career pilots all with a wide variety of specific needs.

For busy people who just want to get it done!

One of SunState Aviation Flight School’s distinctive features which has contributed to the overwhelming success of our accelerated flight training courses, is that there is no need to attend any weekend ground school or pass your written test before arriving for your training. We understand that most people now days are very busy with work, business, school, etc. For that reason, we have designed our courses to seamlessly with a convenient, self-study, web-based, FAA Approved Distance Learning program which can be completed in your spare-time prior to your arrival, and which will prepare you for your flight training course.

FAA Approved

FAA Approved

SunState Aviation is an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) part 141 Approved flight school, meaning that our facilities, aircraft, flight instructors, and training syllabus have all passed muster under the rules and guidelines of both the US government and aviation industry recognized standard-bearers. This means you can be assured that your flight training experience will be of the highest quality and your training will result in you becoming a safe and knowledgeable pilot.

Vision: To be recognized as the world’s leading provider of pilot
training, services and products.

Mission: SunState Aviation is committed to providing it’s customers with
the highest quality in pilot training and aviation related products and services in an environment where employees are proud to work and generate superior financial returns.

Values: Honesty, integrity, accountability, excellence, respect,
teamwork, recognition and fun.