So you’re a private pilot, that’s fantastic! Now you might be wondering – what next? An instrument rating! A lot of students may be familiar with the phrase “You have a license to learn,” after successfully passing one’s private pilot checkride. The private pilot certificate allows you the chance to share a flight with your friends and family and truly see the world from a unique perspective. There is genuinely no greater gift than taking a close friend or family member to the sky while you command an aircraft safely. As a private pilot though, you’re limited to flying in fair-weather conditions that may limit your ability to accomplish certain trips or delay travel plans if low visibility and clouds end up coming into the area.

There is one thing that a recently minted private pilot can do to build more confidence and open up more flying opportunities. Achieving the instrument airplane rating allows you to fly in all weather conditions. The training is comprehensive and builds on the basic weather knowledge that was introduced to you during your private pilot training. A great emphasis is placed on advanced weather related aeronautical decision-making and improving on your knowledge of weather hazards that can pose a risk to safety. Ultimately you’ll spend a lot of time focused on the instrumentation inside the aircraft instead of using visual references outside the aircraft to navigate and maintain situational awareness.

Here are 6 reasons adding an instrument rating could be beneficial to you:

  1. No longer being limited by the weather. Get to that important family or business function without the weather telling you No!
  2. Improved overall decision-making and greater understanding of your aircraft’s avionics – especially if using G1000 or other advanced avionics.
  3. Greater understanding of how weather develops and moves and how to respect it in a manner that protects safety.
  4. Higher accuracy when it comes to planning and executing a flight.
  5. Enjoying the sight of a sunrise or sunset over a cloud layer … one of the few precious sights that will always reaffirm your love for flying!
  6. Flying a precision approach to a runway with limited visibility and popping out of the clouds to see the runway right in front of you.

There truly is no greater confidence builder than exercising the privileges of a private pilot with an instrument rating. The aviation world is filled with endless possibilities to be impressed – with an instrument rating you open up the door to seeing many more of them.

If you’re ready to take your aviation career or hobby to the next step, learn about our Accelerated Instrument Training program and get your instrument flight training completed and be instrument rated in just 2 or 3 weeks!