Inherent in the basic notion of completing initial flight training with the end goal of achieving your pilot’s license is that the weather must cooperate. Fortunately for SunState Aviation students, the weather in central Florida is EXCEPTIONAL and allows students to fly very frequently!

Flight instructors will be familiar with the following concept but students, and prospective students, should also be familiar:

Principle of Exercise.

The Principle of Exercise states that learning is positively enhanced by regular practice while disuse negatively enhances the learning process, thereby making learning more difficult. With overall limited enrollment in SunState Aviation’s accelerated flight training our students are able to fly up to 6 days a week, 2 to 3 times per day. The increased frequency means increased practice and exercise of aviation and flying principles and ultimately means you progress through flight training faster and retain knowledge quicker.

Why go to a flight school located in a region with poor weather conditions, opening yourself up to having flight lessons cancelled or having to conduct your training at a lower frequency. These two situations cost you, the student, more money, time, and ultimately slows your progress towards achieving your aviation goals.

By coming to SunState Aviation for our Accelerated Flight Training Program you are able to enjoy the sunny weather central Florida offers meaning fewer lesson cancellations due to weather and an increase in flying opportunities. A very clear benefit of having predominately favorable skies year-round mean that you can flight more often and accomplish your aviation goals sooner.

Now, why is all of this important? Sunny, favorable skies are a positive. Increased flying opportunities because of the favorable weather benefits your ability to become a more proficient pilot but it also helps your pocketbook. The national average to complete Private Pilot Training is 80+ hours but with SunState Aviation’s Accelerated Flight Training Program it averages 45-50 hours!

sunstate collage bright1That time saved because of our ability to get you in the air pays off over the long-term with significant monetary savings! More time in the sky means more opportunities for you to practice recently learned skills and helps build sound aeronautical decision-making – making you a much better pilot than someone who is unable to fly as often.

At SunState Aviation we want you to be successful. Our Accelerated Flight Training Program is dedicated to maximizing all available flying opportunities and giving you the support system to succeed. SunState Aviation wants all of our students to excel as they work towards their recreational or professional goals. Our location in Central Florida means fewer days of weather impacting our flight operations. Our advanced training campus gives our students the resources necessary to succeed quickly. Our advanced fleet and our low maintenance downtime of our fleet means our students are able to keep up a fast paced training schedule.

Let SunState Aviation help you succeed – faster. Contact Us to find our more information about our Accelerated Flight Training Program and how we are prepared to make your dreams come true!