SunState Aviation has a long history of training professional pilots over the past fifteen years. The aviation industry is constantly changing and financing your flight training is becoming a more accessible option. SunState Aviation’s fleet of advanced aircraft, exceptional training facilities, professional staff and leadership and the great state of Florida’s beautiful weather makes training with us a good choice but it has just gotten much better! *The following program is only available to residents in Central Florida region.

One area that many students are concerned with is the cost of completing professional flight training. The cost can be a limiting factor but through smart financial decision-making it is possible to earn your pilot licenses and prepare yourself for a very rewarding career as a professional pilot. SunState Aviation is here to help you accomplish your career goals, which is why we’ve worked hard to bring even greater value to the flight training we provide with the following news!

SunState Aviation is proud to announce a partnership with Liberty University to bring greater value to the flight training you’ll conduct with us. Not only will you receive professional and safe flight training with SunState Aviation, now you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree at the same time. Based in Lynchburg, VA, Liberty University has partnered with us to provide formal academics while you are conducting the practical flight training here at SunState Aviation.

Utilizing our advanced fleet of aircraft featuring glass cockpit avionic packages, the Liberty University academic program allows you to fully finance your flight training and academics using federal financial aid. By coupling the costs of flight training with Liberty’s B.S. Aeronautics degree you are able to focus on completing flight training and class course work without having to worry about upfront cost of professional flight training. This program takes the weight off of the student’s shoulders so that they can thoroughly enjoy the flight training being provided by the professional instructing staff at SunState Aviation. By earning Liberty’s B.S. Aeronautics degree it also allows you to earn the Restricted-ATP license at 1,250 hours total flight time instead of 1,500 hours. Get your career started sooner with SunState Aviation and Liberty helping you along the way!

This affiliation brings together two great teams focused solely on helping you accomplish your professional goal.

At SunState Aviation you get:

  • Professional Staff focused on providing high quality and safe instruction.
  • State of the art training facility and maintenance department giving you the peace-of-mind necessary to focus on your flight training!
  • Newer fleet of training aircraft featuring glass cockpit technology and Garmin’s G1000 avionics package.
  • Beautiful Central Florida Location providing over 350 days of perfect flying weather!
  • Affordable flight training costs…now made even more affordable, and less stressful, with Liberty University’s online B.S. Aeronautics degree.

With Liberty University you get:

  • Financing to pay for your flight training with SunState Aviation and a Bachelor of Science Aeronautics degree!
  • Strong academic background that will help you further your professional piloting career by opening up management opportunities or even being able to work in the flight safety, flight training or flight standards departments in the future.
  • Easy to use content delivery system that makes attending classes online a breeze!
  • Earning the R-ATP at 1,250 hours total flight experience!

If you’re ready to get your professional flying career started – SunState Aviation and Liberty University want to help you get there. Contact us to find out how easy and quickly we can get you in the sky and on your way to a successful professional pilot career!