Let’s face it, flight training is a very serious and important investment that can ultimately be one of the most rewarding experience a person could have. Having a “decent” flight training experience might get you your certificate but having a great flight training experience will get you a certificate in the safest way possible, at the most economical cost in the most time effective manner and even more – leave you with unforgettable memories. We’ve put together a list of 5 important factors that make up a great flight training experience.

1. Safety

Safety is a factor we absolutely refuse to put second on our list and it’s the reason why we haven’t had a serious in our 14 years of flight operations. Here at SunState Aviation, we ensure that our aircraft are in optimal conditions to avoid any issues on the ground or in the air. We employ a full-time maintenance staff that performs scheduled inspections every 50 hours. This is double the frequency that is required by the FAA. Our aircraft are kept to high standards to ensure that no one ever enters a cockpit of a plane that has a questionable history.

2. Dedicated Flight Instructors & Staff

We’ve all heard the unfortunate and common story student pilot who’s been training for the past 20 years, built more than enough flight hours but never got a certificate. My dad was one of those students, he started training 20 years ago and built over 100 flight hours but because flight instructors would always leave or relocate without finishing his training he was left always catching up, spending more money and exhausting precious time. It wasn’t until 2013 that he finally completed his private pilots certificate in under 10 hours at SunState Aviation. At SunState, we do not enroll more than two students per flight instructor and airplane. This ensures that every student can enjoy two training sessions per day. Our student to instructor ratio never exceeds 2:1, which allows for students to receive dedicated, close attention throughout the entire flight training experience. I believe it is because of this factor that my dad can finally call himself a pilot. 

3. Having The Right Aircraft

flight trainingThe importance of having a state-of-the-art fleet of aircraft with modern equipment at your training disposal cannot be overlooked. Learning in an environment with the best equipment increases the effectiveness of flight training and will ultimately reduce the long-term cost of learning to fly. The majority of our aircraft here at SunState Aviation are 2005 models or newer and are equipped with the Garmin G1000 flight instrument system, or commonly referred to as a “glass cockpit”, to make training more effective and economical, especially for instrument flight training.

4. Training Location

One of the most important factors of flight training that is often overlooked is weather. The reason so many students make the trip down to florida to train with us is the ideal weather conditions Central Florida provides – 350 flyable days per year!

5. Comfort!

Comfort is a huge factor in the training environment for our students. While the Florida climate provides almost 350 flyable days a year, it also brings some very hot and humid days with it. Some of our aircraft are equipped with air conditioning to make summer training much easier to go through. Now you can look forward to training in an air conditioned Cessna aircraft.

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