In terms of cost and quality you will not find a more popular state to learn how to fly in than Florida. Year-round, people make their way here to Orlando from all over the world and stay for weeks at a time to become certified pilots. They want to become members of the extremely small group of people in the world who possess the skill and knowledge necessary to safely fly an aircraft up into the sky. People from as far away as New York and California leave their friends, families, and communities to learn flight, as well as spending a great deal of time, money, and energy.

Why do they make this sacrifice?

They sacrifice not necessarily because flying is fun (although flying is tremendously enjoyable), but because they are investing in themselves and their future. Becoming a pilot is a life-improving journey and who you become during that journey is more valuable than any amount of money.

While flying itself can make for a very satisfying and constructive activity, student pilots also enjoy the process of accomplishing challenging goals, achieving dreams, making like-minded friends, and gaining valuable skills. It’s a complex mission better than any video game can offer.

There is no room for carelessness in the sky. Flying brings out the sharpness of your mind and strengthens your sense of responsibility. Flying develops great precision and accuracy in your thinking.

When you learn how to fly you gain the confidence that comes with learning a very rare and valuable skill and even greater confidence with each safe flight you execute.

Side benefits of flight training such as these will make you a great pilot, but also, and more importantly, a more effective leader, parent, spouse, business partner, and member of your community. You become an “upgraded” human being.

You achieve a lot of newfound happiness.

When you become a certified pilot, you possess the skill to fly yourself wherever you choose without waiting in line at an airport. You can fly for fun. You can share the joy of flight with your friends and loved ones.

When you fly you experience travel without honking cars, red lights, and texting drivers. Becoming a pilot gains you access to a quiet and peaceful place that you can enjoy whenever you want.

Becoming a pilot is not cheap. The machines that take us into the sky are designed and built by some of the greatest minds to be found and feature technology on the cutting edge of innovation. Flight schools require passionate and experienced flight instructors, state of the art aircraft, qualified technicians, and technology to be effective. All of this contributes to a high monetary price.

Becoming a pilot requires a great deal of your time and effort. A flight student must train and study for many hours over a period of weeks, months, or even years to achieve the desired certification. It is a challenge that will demand your commitment and discipline, possibly over a sustained period of time.

It’s a challenge that will demand you to grow, to thrive, to improve, and to upgrade yourself.

At SunState Aviation, we strive to be the best accelerated flight training school in America, training pilots in the most time and cost efficient way possible. Check out our accelerated flight training courses.