Choosing the best flight school is the single most important decision you will ever make in getting your pilot’s license or finishing your training. A great flight school will get you trained up and certified quickly and smoothly.  A great flight school will get you the results you’re paying for. The best flight school is committed to your success.

An incompetent flight school, on the other hand, can quickly waste a great deal of your time and money and leave you empty-handed. Even worse -a bad flight school can leave you feeling discouraged and hopeless about ever becoming a pilot at all. 70-80% of student pilots dropout of flight school before becoming pilots.

Not all flight schools are created or managed equally, unfortunately, but knowing what to look for in your training facility will set you up on a clear path to success. Make sure a flight school has these essential ingredients for your success before you sign up.

Why Choose SunState Aviation

1 – Limited Enrollment

Here at SunState Aviation, we do not enroll more than two students per flight instructor and airplane. This ensures that every student can enjoy two training sessions per day. Our student to instructor ratio never exceeds 2:1, which allows for students to receive dedicated, close attention throughout the entire training. If a flight school can’t guarantee this kind of ratio then move on. You will receive inadequate attention, have fewer training opportunities per day, and progress slower at a school that does not limit enrollment.

2 – Quality Flight Instructors

A great teacher will teach you at a pace and in a style that works for you. Your training sessions should be an exciting joy that you look forward to. In order for accelerated pilot training programs to work, you have to have an above-average instructional staff who have what it takes to help their students develop skills at their best learning pace.

3 – Top-Notch Training Fleet

Do NOT settle for old, poorly-maintained training aircraft. At SunState we only use advanced Cessna training aircraft. The majority of our planes are 2005 models or newer and we employ a full-time maintenance staff to perform scheduled inspections every 50 hours. This is double the frequency as required by the FAA. If you have any worries about the aircraft being used by a school, move on.

4 – Safety

When you sign up for flight training not only are you spending a great deal of money, but you are also literally putting your life in the hands of the school. A school that is not fanatical about your safety is not worth the risk of flying with. At our school we are FANATICAL about providing safe flying experiences. When students know they’re safe they learn better and have more fun. If a school lacks an impeccable safety record, then move on. In our 13 years of operation and tens of thousands of flight hours we have never had a serious accident. This is the kind of record you want to look for when trying to find the best flight school. 

5 – Dedicated FacilitiesBest Flight School

The sole focus of the facility should be flight training and all instructors and aircraft should be reserved for flight training. A facility that doesn’t hold training as the top priority will not make you a priority.

6 – FAA Approval

Many people are not aware that many flight schools are not FAA-approved. A flight school that is FAA-approved must undergo frequent rigorous inspections and uphold high standards to maintain this approval. An FAA-approved school is much more likely to be of high quality.

7 -Physical Environment and Location of School

Picking a school in an area with optimal weather conditions is crucial for making sure you’re able to fly often enough to make consistent progress. We run SunState Aviation here in beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida where we enjoy 350 flyable weather days per year, making it one of the most reliable places on the planet for learning how to fly. Being conveniently located near the Orlando International Airport is a plus as well.

8 – Longevity

Seek flight schools that have been open and operating continuously for a long time. If you’re looking for the best flight school this is usually a good sign that they’ve been producing pilots and not dropouts. We’ve been going since 2002 and our constant drive to optimize our training experience for our students over those years has added up to an institution we never could have dreamed of developing when we started. Take a look at some of our testimonials

Developing your flying skills is a beautiful and highly-rewarding experience and, with the right school, a very accessible goal. Find that school and you’ll be pleased with what happens. At SunState Aviation, we strive to be the best flight school and go above and beyond to prove we hold that title.