SunState Flight Instructors Earn ATP Licenses, Gold Seal CFI

Flight Instructors pictured left to right; Ryan Sebek, David Blakney, Janeen Kochan, David Mead, Lyle Schofield, Steve Graham



“Our flight instructors are the best in the industry!” we often say…and we mean it! We are very proud of the recent successes of David Blakney and David Mead who both passed their Airline Transport Pilot License check-rides!

David Blakney, one of our most senior flight instructors originally did his CFI training with SunState Aviation several years ago and then operated his own flight school in the northeast before he decided to relocate to Florida. David has a strong track-record for successes with his students and specializes in instructing students who enroll in our super-accelerated VIP Private Pilot and Instrument Rating courses.

David Mead joined our team earlier this year after spending some time working as a missionary pilot and flight instructor in South America. His experience in flying challenging missions has proved to be an invaluable asset to his students here at SunState Aviation.

Lyle Schofield came to us from Salt Lake City, Utah and in the relatively short time he has worked at SunState Aviation has demonstrated a genuine concern for his students’ success at becoming safe and knowledgeable pilots. Lyle’s record of success and excellence in aviation instruction has now earned him the coveted Gold Seal CFI Flight Instructor certificate.

Lyle and the Davids are looking forward to flying with YOU!