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– State of The Art Facility – New Cessna Training Aircraft With Glass Cockpit

FAA Part 141 Training

Sunstate Aviation is approved to conduct training under 14CFR Part 141. This can greatly reduce training time and costs to the student.

University Program

Sunstate Aviation is a Flight Training Affiliate (FTA) for Liberty University School of Aeronautics. You can earn your Bachelor of Science in Aviation online and flight train at Sunstate Aviation. Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits available to those that qualify.

State of The Art Facility and Aircraft

Sunstate Aviation has a 16,000 sq foot state of the art training facility, that is accompanied by a new Cessna 172 training fleet.

Come Visit our State of the Art Training Facility and New Cessna Training Aircraft

SunState Aviation was founded in the Spring of 2002 when owner & founder, Steve Graham, saw a need for a quality flight training center which would both serve the needs of local student pilots & abroad. SunState started with only one airplane and about 500 sq. ft. of rented space; now, fast forward to almost twenty years later & SunState has grown into a 16,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art training center with a fleet of 10 training aircraft.

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Our Flight Training Programs

Accelerated Training

SunState Aviation’s accelerated flight training program is hands-down the most cost and time efficient way for you to train for a pilot license or an instrument rating.

Private Pilot Training

Your private pilot license will be one of the most exciting courses you ever complete. I use an example of learning to drive a vehicle and how exciting that was. However, you were a passenger in the vehicle for years prior to learning to drive. Most of us were never in an airplane prior to learning to fly. Now, sit back, you are cleared for take-off!

Instrument Training

You planned a great trip to an exciting destination—but travel day turned up overcast and drizzly. You canceled because of weather, again—if only you had your Instrument rating.

Commercial Training

Even if it’s not your career goal to be a professional pilot, the skills you will learn in earning your Commercial Pilot Certificate will make you a more skilled and capable pilot. This training course will teach you the substantial skills and knowledge you need to be certified by the FAA to carry passengers and cargo for hire.

Multi Engine Training

Our multi-engine add-on course is designed to equip FAA certificated pilots with all of the skills essential for safe operation of multi-engine aircraft. The course features King Schools’ Integrated Flight Training system utilizing the King Interactive multimedia Computer-Based Instruction system. Upon successful completion you will have a multi-engine rating with instrument privileges.

Flight Instructor Training

Teaching someone else to fly can be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet!

Train To Become a Commercial Pilot and Earn Your Aviation Degree Online

With the introduction of their Flight Training Affiliate (FTA) program, Liberty University has created the nation’s largest flight school training network. Through this program, students can complete their general education requirements and the classroom portion of their aeronautics degree program online and finish their Commercial Pilot training through SunState Aviation Flight School, one of Liberty’s Flight Training Affiliates. Liberty students are eligible for the FAA Restricted (Reduced Hour) ATP program at 1000 hours. Additionally, Federal Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits are available to those that qualify.

Sunstate Aviation Flight School is a Cessna Pilot Center

Sunstate Aviation is a Cessna Pilot Center. As a student, you know what you will receive at a Cessna Pilot Center. Cessna Aircraft Company has minimum standards for a location to become a Cessna Pilot Center. These include the use of new Cessna training aircraft, but also expands in the operation, maintenance, safety, flight school facility and more. Much like a hotel being endorsed by Hilton or Marriott, Sunstate Aviation is a coveted Cessna Pilot Center.

What our Students Say

The Commercial Pilot Course was not only enjoyable but had me absolutely prepared to pass the check ride. Your facility is top-notch and all the aircraft are modern and in excellent shape, but your instructors and staff and their preparation and willingness to put in the extra effort really made the difference.


Adam H

I have to say this, I been with SunState aviation for about 6 months and since day one it has been my only choice without a regret, very helpful and professional people as well as the best airplanes that you will ever find in an aviation school.


Alfred V

Thank you for the Instrument Rating training SunState Aviation provided me. Chris, Sherrie and Joe did a great job training me – and prepping me for my written, oral and practical Instrument Rating exam.


Ray S