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Accelerated flight training is hands-down the most cost and time efficient way to train for a pilot license or rating.

Our accelerated flight training programs are designed to take the student away from his or her daily routine and place them in an environment where they are fully immersed in the subject-matter – free from distractions – keeping the student’s learning curve peaked for the duration of his or her accelerated flight training program.

The student benefits from this style of training in terms of both cost savings, and – even more importantly – maximum retention of knowledge and practical skills. As an example, our average flight training time to completion of an accelerated Private Pilot training course (starting from zero) is about 47 hours over a 3 or 4 week period (students with prior training experience may be able to finish in less time). Compared to the national average of more than 80 hours for completion of a non-accelerated training course.

SunState Aviation students finish their training in a fraction of the time of students in traditional training programs.

“…I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and thought that the SunState team was absolutely first class…”

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Raymond S

Accelerated Flight Training Courses

Private Pilot Course

Accelerated Private Pilot Course

With our FAA Approved accelerated Private Pilot course, you can get your Private Pilot License in 21 days, or even as little as 14 days for finish-up students!

This is true full-immersion flight training where you learn at your best pace with a highly experienced flight instructor.

Yes, we do Finish-up training!

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Instrument Rating Course

Instrument Flight Training Success!

Get your Instrument Rating in as little as 2 weeks with our Accelerated Instrument Flight Training Course!

Stop wasting time with stop-and-start training that takes forever. Come to Florida and learn from some of the most experienced Instrument Flight Instructors on the planet! FAA Approved!

Yes, we do finish-up training!

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ZERO Start Airline Pilot Program

ZERO Start Commercial Pilot Training Program

ZERO to a working professional pilot in as little as 18 weeks? You bet!

This accelerated flight training course is designed to help the average person with no prior aviation experience complete their training and start working as a pilot in the most cost-and-time effective way possible.

  • Flight/Ground Instruction INCLUDED!
  • Knowledge Tests INCLUDED!
  • Examiner’s Fees INCLUDED!
  • Fastest Track to an Airline Pilot Job!
  • Financing Options Available

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Our Aircraft and Rental Rates

Have a look at our state-of-the-art aircraft and equipment.

“…The values I found at Sunstate hold true at my airline. Rigorous preparation. A commitment to safety above all. Uncompromising professionalism. And of course let’s not forget to enjoy ourselves while we are at it….”

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Andreas R

Did You Know?

We are now offering expert aircraft maintenance, repair services and aircraft management services in our brand-new facility.

Become a SkyWest Cadet

The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program provides a direct path for exceptional pilots with a desire to take control of their aviation careers. Enhanced seniority, guaranteed final interview, and access to pilot mentors are just a few of the upgrades students can receive by becoming a SkyWest Cadet on your way to becoming one of SkyWest’s nearly 4,000 professional pilots.

Take Control

Start Your Career With SkyWest!

Program Highlights:

  • Company seniority for benefits eligibility activates as soon as you’re a cadet.
  • Enhanced introduction to SkyWest, including flight and lodging to SLC, tour of SkyWest facilities and more.
  • Mentorship from SkyWest pilots, including regular visits, mock interviews and ongoing association with crewmembers.
  • Guaranteed final interview for a first officer position at SkyWest.
  • Increased seniority within SkyWest’s ground school class.

“…From the first day I walked in, I noticed the professional setup of the organization. From scheduling to the immaculately maintained aircraft. Everything gave the impression that this is a first class learning center….”

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Faisal A

Commercial Pilot Training and Degree Program

Liberty University

Earn all your pilot ratings from zero through Commercial Pilot, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Aeronautics degree from the Liberty University School of Aeronautics. Train and study right here in sunny central Florida!

  • Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • Job Placement Upon Graduation

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“I have had a lot of compliments from other instructors regarding what I was taught. They have all said and I agree the instructing was superb.”

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Accelerated flight training / Cessna Pilot Center

Cessna Pilot Centers are associated with The Cessna Aircraft Company and Cessna ensures that they maintain the standards that have helped Cessna remain successful for over 75 years.

Cessna requires all CPCs to excel in customer service, with well-trained, professional instructors. They’re able to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your aviation adventure.