Accelerated Instrument Flight Training In 14 to 21 Days!

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Instrument Flight Training

Accelerated Instrument Rating Training Course in just 14 to 21 days!

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Fly IFR! Get your instrument flight training completed and be instrument rated in just 2 or 3 weeks with our FAA Approved Instrument flight training course! Learn at your own, best pace where your learning curve is maximized.

No forced – drinking from the fire-hose style training. We simply place you in an environment where your own individual capacity to learn is maximized.

The Instrument Rating will expand the flying privileges of your pilot license help you to become a safer, more proficient pilot.

ATTENTION AIRCRAFT OWNERS! – Save up to 25% on your aircraft insurance by getting an Instrument Rating!

Finish-up training is available – Contact us for details

FAA Approved!

Training Itinerary

Check-in and Orientation

Instrument Lessons 1 and 2

Two to three flight activities per day with ground-based study and review between flight activities.

  • Knowledge Test
  • Developing Instrument Skills
  • Polishing Instrument Skills
  • GPS, NDB and VOR Navigation
  • Precision and Non-precision Approaches
  • Automation, ATC and Other Approaches
  • IFR Cross-country
  • Practical Test Preparation

Practical Test

Instrument Rating Pricing

•    Online Learning Program = $359 (retails for $379)
•    Knowledge Test = $150
•    41 hours of flight instruction at $248 per hour = $10168
•    3.5 hours of simulator instruction (sim and instructor) at $128 per hour = $448
•    25 hours of ground instruction at $74 per hour (includes all briefings) = $1850
•    1.5 hours of aircraft use for IFR check-ride = $254
•    Designated pilot examiner’s fee = $600

TOTAL = $13,829

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Other Related Expenditures;

  • Application Fee: $45
  • TSA Security Clearance For Non-US Citizens: $130
  • Fingerprinting for TSA Security Clearance: $99
  • Aircraft Renter’s Insurance: $215
  • Charts and Other Dated Materials: $50

*The Online Learning Program (OLP) is a required element of this course. There are no refunds for the OLP.

Let us book your hotel accommodations for a little as $39.95 per room/night!