Recent Achievements at SunState Aviation!

If there’s anything we love more than leaving the ground it’s the smiles we get to see on our students faces when they achieve. We post and celebrate every achievement at SunState Aviation from solo flights to new certificates. Check it out!

Cezary - First Solo

Let’s give a hearty congratulations to Cezary, who just completed his first solo! Way to go Cezary!

Breana - Private Pilot

Let’s have a big shout-out for Breana, who just passed her #privatepilot check-ride! Way to go Breana!

Ahmed - First Solo

Congratulations to Ahmed who flew his first solo! Way to go Ahmed!

Sanad - Private Pilot

New pilot in the house! Shout out for Sanad who passed his #privatepilot check-ride today!

Travis - First Solo

A big shout-out for Travis who just completed his first solo!

Breana - First Solo

Congratulations Breana on your first solo!

Evan - Private Pilot

Congrats to Evan, our newest #privatepilot

Ewert - First Solo

A big shout-out for Ewert who just completed his first solo! Way to go Ewert!

Sam - Private Pilot

Congratulations to Sam for passing his Private Pilot check-ride! Way to go Sam!

Micky - Instrument

Micky (in the dark shirt) is our newest instrument rated pilot! Congratulations Micky and flight instructor Oleg! Now on to Commercial!


Derek - Private Pilot

Congratulations to Derek L., who passed his private pilot checkride. Way to go Derek!

Abdullatif - Private Pilot

Congratulations to Abdullatif, our newest Private Pilot! Now on to the Instrument Rating.

Tomas - Private Pilot

Tomas is our newest certificated Private Pilot. Congrats Tomas!

Justinas - Commercial Pilot

Congratulating Justinas, pictured here with his instructor Oleg and examiner Chuck. Justinas passed his Commercial Pilot certification check-ride today! Good job Justinas and Oleg!

Curo - Multi Engine

Congratulations to Curo who just added a Multi-engine rating to his pilot certificate. Way to go Curo!