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Expert Accelerated Flight Training for Less!

As the old saying goes; "time is money" and with an accelerated flight training course at SunState Aviation, you can save both time and money!

The economy being what it is, it is important to make sure every dollar is invested wisely, especially when it comes to your flight training!

With a SunState Aviation accelerated flight training course, you are assured that you will be receiving the very best quality flight training possible with late-model, immaculately maintained aircraft and expert flight instructors.

By keeping yourself fully immersed in the subject matter for a shorter period of time, you are maximizing the effectiveness of your learning. SunState Aviation students finish their training in a fraction of the time of students in traditional training programs!

"I had an awesome experience here and will definitely be coming back. I want to give Kudos and thanks to my instructor, as well as the staff at the front desk. They were all very friendly, informative and helpful. I'm looking forward to coming back in a couple of months to get my instrument rating."  Chris V. Read More!

Don't Lose Your Cool This Summer!

Cessna 172SP with vent for air-conditioning on the side of the fuselage.

It's Spring and temperatures are already hitting 90 (32C) here in sunny central Florida!

Did you know that SunState Aviation now has an upgrade option available to train in air conditioned airplanes?

Of course we do still have plenty of non-air-conditioned airplanes (G1000 and Legacy equipped) available as well.

Space is limited so, contact us to book your summertime training program now!

Success Stories

Congratulations to the following students for their recent achievements:

  • Nicholas A - Instrument Rating
  • Francois L - Commercial Pilot
  • Michael M - Commercial Pilot
  • Charles B - Instrument Rating
  • Abdulla A - Private Pilot
  • Yasser A - First Solo
  • Joel M - Private Pilot

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Accelerated Flight Training Courses

Sport Pilot Private Pilot Instrument Rating

Sport Pilot training courseFor about half the cost of a used car you can complete your Sport Pilot training course and enjoy a lifetime of memorable flying experiences as a certificated Sport Pilot. Our unique Integrated Flight Training programs are truly the most cost and time efficient way to reach your goals!

More Details

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Private Pilot training courseWith our FAA Approved accelerated Private Pilot course, you can get your Private Pilot License in 21 days, or even as little as 14 days for finish-up students!

This is true full-immersion flight training where you learn at your best pace with a highly experienced flight instructor.

Yes, we do Finish-up training!

More Details

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Instrument Rating training courseGet your Instrument Rating in as little as 2 weeks!

Stop wasting time with stop-and-start training that takes forever. Come to Florida and learn from some of the most experienced Instrument Flight Instructors on the planet!

FAA Approved!

More Details

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Ask about doing your Private Pilot and Instrument Rating courses back-to-back in as little as 6 weeks!

Commercial Pilot - Part 61 Multi-engine Rating Commercial Pilot - Part 141

Commercial Pilot training courseGet your Commercial Pilot training done in a week!

Whether you are looking to fly professionally, or just fly like a professional, this 7-day course is for you.

If you have a Private Pilot License and more than 240 hours in your logbook, then spend a week in Florida and go back home with a Commercial Pilot License!

More Details

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Multi-engine Rating training course

Multi-engine Rating in less than a week? Yes!

Add a Multi- engine rating to your pilot or flight instructor certificate in less than a week and for under $6000 including your check-ride and hotel stay!

More Details

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Start Your Commercial Pilot Training Immediately After or Simultaneously With Your Instrument Rating Training

This Commercial Pilot Airplane course is FAA part 141 approved, so you can get your Commercial Pilot License with as much as 50 fewer hours compared to part 61.

More Details

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Flight Instructor Training ZERO Start Training Program G1000 and Refresher Courses

Flight Instructor training coursesGet your CFI training done in as little as two weeks!

A laser-focused, one-on-one training course for those who don't have time to mess around.

"Sunstate Aviation exceeded my all expectations from my first inquiries, to scheduling my start of training, up through my Flight Instructor check-ride and final account balancing. Everyone on your staff were positive and helpful." - Dion R

CFI (initial) 14-day Course Details

CFI-Instrument 7-day Course Details

MEI Course Details

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ZERO Start training program - ZERO to Commercial Pilot in as little as 13 weeks!ZERO to Commercial Pilot in as little as 13 weeks? You bet!

This accelerated flight training course is designed to help the average person with no prior aviation experience complete their training in the most cost-and-time effective way possible.

  • Hotel Accommodations INCLUDED!

  • Flight/Ground Instruction INCLUDED!

  • Knowledge Tests INCLUDED!

  • Examiner's Fees INCLUDED!

  • No hidden fees - we will provide a detailed cost estimate!

More Details

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G1000 Transition Courses and Refresher/Recurrency TrainingBe a Better, Safer Pilot!

For busy pilots who need to refresh their piloting skills, re-gain legal currency or who want to learn to get the most from the equipment in their cockpit, these accelerated courses will help you to become an even better pilot in the most cost-and-time efficient way possible.

G1000 Transition Course (VFR/IFR)

G1000 Transition Course (VFR only)

Instrument Refresher Course

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Liberty University Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautics

Earn all your pilot ratings and a Bachelor's of Science in Aeronautics degree from the Liberty University School of Aeronautics. Train and study right here in sunny central Florida!

More Details Here

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